Multiverse: how to level up quickly

Multiverse: how to level up quickly

Almost everything you do in Multiversus in one way or another brings you closer to the next level. However, some ways can get you there much faster than others. This guide will provide you tips on how to level up fast in Multiversus.

Play cooperatively against the AI ​​mode

Many players think playing against AI bots in Multiversus is pointless, as you usually don’t get any XP for it.

This is the case if you are playing 1 vs 1, but few players know that playing in Co-op mode against AI actually grants you XP and much faster than in any other case.

You can find this mode in the “Play” menu, and either play with a random player online against a pair of bots, or connect with one of your friends and do the same. The latter variant is recommended, as cooperative play with friends grants you a 30% bonus on XP and gold gains.

Use Rested XP

Whatever you do, always try to use the Rested XP gauge, which can be found in the “Battle Pass” menu.

This mechanic allows players to double their daily XP gains by playing less rather than more. You can read more about this mechanic in our dedicated XP Rested guide.

Complete Seasonal Milestones

No other Battle Pass mission gives you as much XP as Seasonal Milestones which only rotate once per season. But if you want to get as much XP as soon as possible, completing them first will get you there much faster than anything else.

Again, try bringing a friend to these missions, so you can earn 30% more XP after completing them.

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