Mystery Candy in Fallout 76 – Effects and how to get it

During the Halloween season, Fallout: 76 has a special objective where you can collect Mystery Candy, which inflicts a random effect on your character. These sweets can be acquired in several ways, all completely free. Due to their usefulness and novelty, Mystery Candy is a hot commodity during spooky season. Here’s an explanation of Mystery Candy in Fallout: 76.

Mystery Candy in Fallout 76, explained

What does Mystery Candy do?

Mystery Candy does not restore hunger, but randomly inflicts one of five status effects. Here are each of the possible Mystery Candy effects.

  • Stroke of luck
  • sugar rush
    • +2 AGILITY for 10 minutes
    • -1 INTELLIGENCE for 10 minutes
  • Vision Sugar
    • +1 PERCEPTION for 10 minutes
  • strength of sugar
    • +1 STRENGTH for 10 minutes
  • Mystery Surprise
    • Text: “You lose consciousness! »


How do I get mystery candies?

There are three ways to get Mystery Candy. First, you can buy it from vendors at train stations, such as Berkeley Springs Station and Charleston Station. Second, you can collect it from player-owned Spooky Candy Bowls. These can be found in player camps with an orange Jack-O’-Lantern icon. They emit a low sound, which makes them easier to locate. However, you can only retrieve a Mystery Candy from the same player’s bowl once per hour.

Finally, you can get Mystery Candy by killing Spooky Scorched, which spawns all over the map in certain locations. These enemies will only appear during the Halloween event, so be sure to pick up some mystery candies early. Here’s a guide to Spooky Scorched’s locations and spawn rates.

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