Outlast Trials – Release date, trailer, gameplay and more

Survival horror is a great video game genre, so we’re always welcoming more entries to our game libraries. Outlast Trials is an upcoming title with both multiplayer and single player options for gameplay. Red Barrels has yet to announce the game’s release, but a closed beta is on the way.

What is the Outlast Trials release date?

There has been no confirmed release date for Outlast Trials. Although there is currently no known release date, there is another way for players to get a small dose of the experience. Red Barrels will be running a closed beta trial period between October 28 and November 1, 2022.


What is Outlast Trials about?

Outlast Trials is a Survival Horror video game by Red Barrels. The setting is a ramshackle urban land with the juxtaposed energy of a living and haunting environment. Players can choose to roam the map in single or multiplayer mode (up to four players). This is another entry in the greatest franchise Outlast of horror games. Check out the game’s trailer below:

What platforms will Outlast Trials be available on?

Red Barrels has yet to confirm all platforms Outlast Trials will be released on, but we have word on where you can play the game. Outlast Trials has been listed on the store pages for Steam and EpicStore. This means players will at least be able to play on PC, although we don’t know where it will be released. These listings are not pre-order pages and Red Barrels has not yet confirmed or denied the ability to pre-order the game.

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