Persona 5 Royal Joker Name – What Is Joker’s Real Name?

In Persona 5 Royal, you have the freedom to name the protagonist, and that name will appear in the narrative text boxes. Some players take this opportunity to give the protagonist a comedic but immersion-breaking name, such as “Persona 5” or “Among Us.” However, other players search for the real name of the protagonist in the story. Here is an explanation of Joker’s real name in Persona 5 Royal.

What is Joker’s real name in Persona 5 Royal?

Image via Atlus

Joker’s real name is Ren Amamiya, according to the game’s 2018 anime adaptation. The title Joker is simply used as a code name during heists, similar to Skull and Fox. In the anime, the characters refer to Joker as Ren Amamiya, or Ren for short, confirming the canonicity of the name. With the PC release of Persona 5 Royal, this claim has been substantiated, as the default name of the game’s protagonist is Ren Amamiya.


However, the talk of Joker’s official name was once tumultuous. In the manga adaptation of Persona 5, the characters refer to Joker as Akira Kurusu, which means “a killer to kill” in Japanese. For a long time, the community believed that was Joker’s canon name, and they held firm to their beliefs. When the game’s anime adaptation was released, fans were surprised to hear Ren Amamiya’s name, as it punched holes in Akira Kurusu’s canonicity.

If there was any doubt left in the community, the PC release of Persona 5 Royal drove the nails into the coffin of discussion. A Reddit post from yourfriendjase revealed that when changing the language of the PC version, a text box confirmed Ren Amamiya as Joker’s default name. This ended most of the arguments over Joker’s canon name, though there are still a few loyal fans of the Akira Kurusu name.

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