Persona 5 Royal – Yusuke’s Confidant Guide

Bonds have a huge impact on how you complete your journey, and the experience is no different in Persona 5. Persona 5 Royal also added phone calls, gifts, and other mechanics not available in the first. version of the game, also giving players more opportunities to increase their affinity with a certain character given the addition of Violet.

Given Yusuke Kitagawa’s quirky personality, finding the right answers and finding him at the right time can be especially tricky. Here’s a spoiler-free guide to point you in the right direction.

How to Unlock Yusuke’s Confidant Events

Since Yusuke is part of the party, you can start hanging out with him on 6/18. It can be found in the Underpass, Shibuya and is available after school. On rainy days, he is there at night.

All Emperor’s Confidant Answers in Persona 5 Royal

If you want to max out Yusuke’s Trust Rank as quickly as possible, the fastest way to do so is to respond correctly during each of his Social Link events. Some questions can add up to three points to your Social Link, but others don’t add anything at all.

Important Tip: Have at least one Emperor character on your team when you meet Yusuke. Having an Arcane Character as your Confidant increases the number of points you can earn with any of your answers.


That said, here are all the correct answers during each of Yusuke’s events. The trick to knowing the right answer is to either cheer him on often or be as quirky as he is.

Ranking of events

Rank 1

  • Phone call: “I will ask a lot of you. »

When unlocked: Allows Yusuke to duplicate skill cards.

Rank 2

  • First response: “It’s new. or “It’s enigmatic.” »
  • Second response: “I can’t wait” or “I hope you’re right”.
  • Phone call: “You already do enough. »

Once unlocked: No effect.

Rank 3

  • First response: “Don’t be disturbed. »
  • Second answer: There is no right answer.
  • Third response: “It’s not like you. »
  • Fourth answer: Each answer is correct.
  • Phone call: “It’s the spirit. »

When unlocked: Allows Yusuke to perform a follow-up attack if Joker’s attack does not down the enemy.

Rank 4

  • First response: “Why are we in a boat? or “I should bring a girl here.” »
  • Second answer: “Love comes in all its forms. »
  • Phone call: “Don’t be discouraged. »

When Unlocked: Allows Yusuke to intervene after the Shadow Negotiation fails, allowing a retry.

Rank 5

  • First response: “Do you want me to undress? »
  • Second response: “I’m sure you will.” Or “It doesn’t look like it.” »
  • Phone call: “There is still hope.

When Unlocked: Allows Yusuke to recreate any previously copied skill card in one day.

Rank 6

  • First response: “It’s nostalgic. »
  • Second answer: There is no right answer.
  • Third answer: There is no right answer.
  • Fourth response: “Maybe he was friendly. or “I couldn’t tell you.” »
  • Phone call: “He had a certain dignity.

When unlocked: Allows Yusuke to heal status ailments inflicted on party members.

Rank 7

  • First response: “What do you mean?
  • Second response: “The truth is within you. »
  • Phone call: “Calm down. or “It’s not a crime to eat sushi.” »

When Unlocked: Allows Yusuke to instantly use Card Duplicate or Card Recreate.

Rank 8

  • First response: “It must be Ann. »
  • Second response: “You have really grown up, Yusuke. »

When unlocked: Allows Yusuke to resist an otherwise lethal attack with 1 HP remaining.

Rank 9

  • First response: “His love for his son. Or “The pain of separation”.
  • Second response: “You have really changed, Yusuke. »

When unlocked: Allows Yusuke to protect Joker from an otherwise fatal attack.

Max rank

  • First answer: There is no right answer.
  • Second answer: There is no right answer.
  • Third answer: There is no right answer.
  • Fourth answer: Each answer is correct.
  • Fifth answer: There is no right answer.

When unlocked: Transforms Yusuke’s character into the mythological trickster, Kamo Susano-o. Once you reach his maximum affinity, Kamo Susano-o will awaken again.

Unranked events

Sometimes Yusuke will also invite you to go out outside these times, usually on weekends, breaks or holidays. He will text Joker. Affinity points will increase regardless of the outcome of conversations, but you get bonus points for answering correctly.

  • 07/27, Leblanc: “A bit of everything!
  • 8/1, Leblanc: “Just go to the library. »
  • 8/4, Leblanc: “Let’s go. »
  • 8/5, cinematic event: “I don’t mind. »
  • 8/8, Leblanc: “If I can find a good deal. »
  • 11/8, Leblanc: “There’s no way.
  • 10/5, research event: “Absolutely”.

You don’t have to say yes to all of these hangouts. Others will certainly try to invite you as well, or you could use the day to do something else.

How to Increase Yusuke’s Confidant Rank Faster

Note that although answering correctly increases your links faster, it does not guarantee that you will immediately unlock the next Rank event. You should always hang out with Yusuke during free time as often as possible.


During these times, you can also gift Yusuke Gifts to receive an extra boost in Affinity Points. Gifts cannot be given during rank events. All gifts can only be purchased once.

What gifts should I give Yusuke

Present Or buy Price
Chocolate truffles Supermarket in Station Underground Mall, Shibuya ¥2,800
Cream cake Supermarket in Station Underground Mall, Shibuya ¥1,500
flower basket Florist, Shinjuku at night ¥2,400
glass vase Japan Sundries Shop in Underground Station Mall, Shibuya ¥3,200
heart ring Turtle Diamond Jewelry Shop ¥88,000
Set of instant ramen noodles Rocinante ¥3,480
Kitchen tools set Shinjuku ¥4,900
Sakura fan Japan Sundries Shop in Underground Station Mall, Shibuya ¥4,800
Silver bracelet Turtle Diamond Jewelry Shop ¥78,000
Uji Matcha flan Station Underground Mall, Shibuya and a second by TV Shopping on 06/26 ¥2,400 and ¥2,980
Watercolor postcard Kichijoji Stationery ¥800

You can also invite Yusuke to places like Ueno Art Gallery, Ikebukuro Planetarium, Shinagawa Aquarium, etc. Previously, many of them were reserved for women of confidence, but you are free to bring most of your friends here in Persona 5 Royal, including Yusuke.

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