Phasmophobia | All Cursed Possession locations in Camp Woodwind

Camp Woodwind is Phasmophobia’s smallest map and one of the best places to farm photos. Cursed Possessions can be found very easily, making the map much easier to get familiar with. With the map being the size it is, players can sweep Camp Woodwind in less than a minute to find. This is where you will find all the cursed possessions of Camp Woodwind.

All Cursed Possession locations in Camp Woodwind

Camp Woodwind is the smallest map, making it much easier to find Cursed Possessions. Here’s how to find each item on the map.

haunted mirror

The haunted mirror is in the middle of the map, leaning against the trees. This is found by going straight from the van.

voodoo doll

The voodoo doll can be found sitting near a small purple tent on the ground. It’s to the left of the bathrooms and the red tent, going straight from the van to the edge of the map.

Ouija board

The Oujia board sits on a white table next to camping gear and cans. It is to the right of the map that players enter the map under the first canopy.

Summoning Circle

The summoning circle is on the ground under the second canopy to the right of the map.

tarot cards

Tarot cards are found to the left of the board as soon as players walk through the door. It’s on the second brown table near some books.

Music Box

The music box is on the left side of the map, inside the yellow tent. He is sitting on the white table next to the light indoors.

Taking pictures of Cursed Possessions will earn players money when they leave the map and can greatly help with investigations.

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