Phasmophobia Halloween Update Changes, Lobby Secrets, And More

The Halloween Phasmophobia update fixed a number of bugs that had remained present since the Apocalypse update. Additionally, the lobby is decorated for Halloween and contains many hidden secrets and Easter eggs. Players familiar with the previous lobby will have an idea of ​​how to find everything quickly. These are all the changes from the Halloween update in Phasmophobia.

All Phasmophobia Halloween Update Changes and Fixes

The Halloween update changes many of the features introduced from Phasmophobia’s Apocalypse update. The game also fixes many bugs that were introduced while adding quality of life improvements. Here’s everything that’s changed.

  • Changes
    • Resetting the player save will now provide an “Are you sure” before proceeding.
    • Player save reset is only possible when not in a lobby.
    • Adding or removing an item from the player loadout will save it automatically.
    • The “Save Loadout” button is now removed.
    • It is more obvious what loadout the player currently has equipped.
    • A description is now required when submitting a player report.
  • Fixes
    • Reports against players cannot be submitted twice within 24 hours.
    • Memory leaks have been fixed.
    • UI arrows now scale better with lower resolution monitors and 4:3 aspect ratios.
    • Resetting player save now reloads main menu and fixes UI display value before reset.
    • Equipment is again lost on death.
    • The invite code will remain hidden when returning from a game in a public lobby.
    • Maps will now be unlocked on the “Level Unlock” screen.
    • The name of the ghost on the stats page will be localized.
    • Fixed the bug where Vosk voice recognition was not working due to an empty voice templates file.
    • VR belt objects now point in the correct direction.

All Halloween Lobby Secrets in Phasmophobia

There are a number of changes to the lobby for Halloween in Phasmophobia, removing balloons and replacing glow sticks. There are pumpkins that players can light using the lighter that is on the table where the daily and weekly checklists are. Near the equipment, players can pick up a UV light to reveal a number of hidden messages around the location. Here are all the messages players can find in the lobby:

  • We are still here – Found under the painting.
  • Why did you leave? – Found above the board.
  • You Can’t Escape Us – Found under the Log Panel.
  • You Shouldn’t Have Taken Them – Found by the Cursed Possessions trophy case.
  • Multiple Six Six Six/666 – Found on the wall near the stairs.
  • Don’t Look – Found near the door next to the stairs leading to the games.
  • We Told You – Found to the right of the door next to the stairs.
  • We’ll Always Be With You – Found near the stairs leading to the van.
  • We said don’t go – Found near the van near the stairs.
  • Tally Marks – Found on the right wall next to equipment.
  • Pentagram – Found in the center of the ground.
  • Arrow – Found near the pentagram, pointing towards the door.

When examining the door the arrow points to, a cluster of spirits will appear, along with a summoning circle. Only the player who went to the door will see them, and the spirits will either disappear after a while or after the player gets close enough to them.

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