Players lose access to some Roblox experiences as country-specific laws are tightened

At the time of this article’s publication, Roblox is playable in over 30 countries and banned in only a select few. However, among these 30 counties, some have stricter video game laws than others, which can cause variation in which experiences can be played in which areas. Most recently, on September 13, 2022, it was announced that Belgium and the Netherlands would limit the number of experiences that players from their countries could access due to certain country-specific violations of law.

Some of the most popular experiences affected by this restriction are Adopt Me, Arsenal, and Shindo Life, all of which are fan favorites for thousands of players. To stay ahead of the expected community outcry, Adopt Me posted the following statement on their Twitter account as soon as the news broke: “As part of a program run by Roblox to comply with laws in the Netherlands and in Belgium, we will soon be closing access to Adopt Me for players from these countries. »

Following this short statement, another tweet was posted stating “We look forward to inviting players from the Netherlands and Belgium to Adopt Me soon, as we are working hard to make changes that allow Adopt Me to continue to comply with the laws of these countries without significantly altering the gameplay. »


While it might come as a surprise to many, this isn’t the first time Adopt Me, and Roblox in general, has come up against Dutch laws. In 2020, Adopt Me was forced to remove player swapping functionality in the Netherlands and South Korea due to restrictive video game laws and took note of this change on their blog site, stating ” We want all of our core game features to be enjoyed by as many players around the world as possible. However, to comply with applicable laws in the Netherlands and Korea, trades for Dutch and Korean players in Adopt Me will be permanently disabled.

Although users in the Netherlands were able to continue playing Adopt Me after this change, they are not so lucky in 2022. As Adopt Me players know, the experience uses an egg system to unlock and collect new pets; in the eyes of Belgium and the Netherlands, every time a player purchases an in-game egg or loot box, they are technically betting on whether or not that egg will hatch a rare pet. After a stint with Star Wars Battlefront II in 2018 that saw players complain about an unfair and manipulative loot box system, Belgium passed a law banning all in-game loot boxes in the country; any video game company that violates this law could be subject to fines of up to 1,

In July 2022, the Netherlands followed in Belgium’s footsteps, proposing stricter regulations on loot box systems in their country, or even banning them altogether, with six political representatives showing up to table the motion. Now, in September 2022, it looks like these regulations and restrictions are rapidly becoming more prevalent as experiences across Roblox are removed for players in these countries.

Since these restrictions were announced, reaction within the Roblox community has been mixed. Roblox has dealt with flack regarding its Robux system for years, with several major news outlets criticizing the platform for taking advantage of its young audience and their lack of understanding of gaming and the concept of monetary value in general. For this reason, some Roblox users support the ban, going so far as to encourage it to spread to even more countries.


“To be honest, I’m glad the Netherlands is enforcing this law, the amount of real money gambling on Roblox is unreal,” said user @soshio_26. “I wasted a lot of money when I was young, so much so that my parents got into debt and stressed out. Their law isn’t unfair, it’s to keep kids from wasting money and ending up with a gambling addiction.”

Other users, such as @britduquet, feel torn about the new law and subsequent Roblox experience changes, saying “I don’t think that’s fair, we spent so much time finding animals from company, raising them and decorating our homes I totally respect the laws, but I hope [that] we don’t need to start over with our daily rewards in Belgium and the Netherlands. »

To put users in Belgium and the Netherlands who are worried about their progress in the Adopt Me game at ease, Adopt Me made sure to mention on Twitter that “No one will lose their login streaks or items. during this transition period.

It’s unclear when Adopt Me, and all other experiences currently facing access issues, will be updated to welcome their players in the Netherlands and Belgium, but the developers are actively working on a solution and will repost their experiences. as soon as they can.

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