Roblox Clicker Champions Codes (June 2022)

Roblox Clicker Champions Codes

Roblox Clicker Champions is a chill simulation experience that only requires a few clicks! Click as fast as you can to save your clicks and use them to unlock portals to new islands, buy various rare pets and improve your skills. The more clicks you have, the more chances you have of hatching eggs and finding legendary and exotic pets.

Clicks are essential to your Clicker Champion journey, but it may take some time to save them up to buy more eggs and have a higher chance of getting rare pets. This is why these codes are so useful. You can get lots of free clicks and chance boosts to help you get better pets by typing just one word!

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All Clicker Champions Codes List

Updated on June 23, 2022

Added new codes

Clicker Champions Codes (Working)

Here is an overview of all working Clicker Champions codes.

  • MAGMA—Gain a Free Boost
  • RELEASE—Earn Free Clicks

Clicker Champions Codes (Expired)

These codes for Clicker Champions no longer work.

  • There are no expired codes for Clicker Champions.

FAQ Roblox Clicker Champions

Here’s everything you need to know about Clicker Champions codes.

How to Redeem Clicker Champions Codes

Redeeming Clicker Champions codes is very simple and you can earn your free rewards in seconds.

Roblox Clicker Champions CodesScreenshot by Pro Game Guides

  • Click the red shopping cart icon on the left side of the screen
  • Scroll down until you see the codes section
  • Click inside the box that says “Enter code here…”
  • Type the code
  • Tap the green Redeem button
  • Enjoy your reward!

How can you get more Clicker Champions codes?

You can find more codes as the developer adds them by always checking the description below Clicker Champions. This is an easily accessible area where the developer adds codes as they come into the game, usually when a goal is completed or an update is made. You can also go to the Advance Simulators page and access their group page to stay up to date with other announcements or events. Here they have links to other social media platforms, such as Discord and Twitter, which may also reveal information about the codes. The best way to get more codes, however, is to bookmark this page and check back regularly,

Why aren’t my Clicker Champions codes working?

Always be sure to check spelling and typing when entering a code. Most codes are case sensitive, which means that even the slightest typo can render the code invalid. The best way to avoid this is to copy and paste the code into the menu.

Codes can also expire with little or no warning when new codes arrive. This means that the code can stop working without our realizing it. If you notice a code has expired, please let us know in the comments below so we can keep the list up to date and accurate for your benefit!

What is Clicker Champions?

Clicker Champions is a fun simulation and tycoon-like experience where players try to improve their skills, venture into new worlds, and hatch eggs of different rarities just by clicking with their mouse. Clicks are used as currency for most in-game items, meaning the more a player clicks, the more they can develop their character, adventure, and collect more pets. Their pets stimulate them to give them more click power, and the better the rarity, the stronger they become. They must try their luck buying various eggs in hopes of getting a specialized pet by chance, then use their clicks to reborn and upgrade their click abilities even further.

How can you get daily rewards in Clicker Champions?

Codes are a great way to get free rewards quickly and easily. However, the great thing about Clicker Champions is that there are other ways to get free in-game rewards. Check out the little gift icon at the top of your screen. As the timers run out, you can collect the rewards! You can also head to the prize wheel in the lobby to earn a reward every day. You can get free boosts, coins, gems and more.

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