Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations

Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations

Critical Legends is an RPG game on Roblox full of exploration and adventure. Travel across vast lands of varied biomes and discover creatures and treasures to battle and collect. You will increase your power by fighting various creatures and bosses, using magic weapons and devouring potions and fruits. Many chests are hidden around the world, waiting to be discovered, each carrying a particular item that can give you unique abilities and make you faster and more powerful. Navigating the large open map can be a bit tricky, so this is where you can find every chest!

All chest locations in Critical Legends

These chests are hidden around the map, in different regions and in some hard to reach places. If you manage to get them all, you’ll have epic active and passive loot that will give you special abilities and bonus stats to help you take on enemies and continue your journey. Here’s every item you can get from chests and the general area you can pick them up from.

All chest locations in Critical Legends

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Starting appearance

  • Mining Pickaxe: directly from the spawn point, next to the stairs
  • Punch: from spawn, on the boat closest to the Legit Shop
  • Burning Torch: On the roof of the Arsenal
  • Metal plate: To the left of the spawn, on the roof of the house next to the apple tree

First field

  • Hunting Dagger: Directly from the entrance, against a cliff wall
  • Rage Scroll: To the left of the entrance, behind an apple tree
  • Sharpener Rock: Straight ahead and to the left of the entrance, inside the cave, hidden to the right and top of the cave entrance
  • Wayfarer’s Boots: To the left of the entrance, up the cliff next to the campfire (navigate through the cave to reach it)
  • Icy Shield: Entrance to Snowy Caps, just past the sign

Thyrsus wood

  • Campfire wood: Right at the entrance, next to the campfire
  • Scroll of Venom: left of the entrance, after the rock, hidden in the trees
  • Ignite Scroll: To the left of the entrance, past the Arsenal, among crates

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flora fields

  • Honeyshield: To the left of the entrance, in a corner against the cliff
  • Honeycomb: From the entrance, under a hill
  • Queens’ Soul: to the right and above the entrance, behind the queen bee
  • Chaos Strike Scroll: In the cave at the far left corner, on the middle stones surrounded by water

mud king

  • Slime Jar: Through the cave next to the waterfall, across the bridge, to the right of the Floating Temple entrance leading to Punky Sky
  • King’s Crown: Straight from the entrance, behind the Slime King
  • Dam: Straight ahead and to the left of the entrance to the floating temple, next to a tree by the lake
  • Self-Healing Scroll: Across the lake from the Floating Temple entrance, behind a tree by the lake

punk sky

  • Force Field: Directly from the spawn to the right of the Arsenal, against a house with crates
  • Dark Burn Scroll: On the middle island, behind the stone arch across the bridge
  • Blood to Mana Scroll: To the left of the spawn point, behind the Luck Hunter Ticket Shop

Snow Caps

  • Ice Rose: directly from the traveling ship, on the other side against the cliff
  • Blizzard in a bottle: right side of the waterfall, behind a wooden post
  • Self Freeze: cross a jump bridge made of wooden planks or climb a wooden ladder, to the right against the cliff
  • Sun Fragment: Right side of Snowy Caps Waterfall, between large boulders to the left of a campfire


  • Group Healing Scroll: To the right of the Flora Fields cave exit and around the right cliff
  • Mana Scroll: Straight and left from the Flora Fields cave exit, under a hill
  • Fruit of the Heart: Top right of the Flora Fields cave exit, on the corner of a hill

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  • Virus: top left of the Flora Fields cave exit, against the large glowing red cube
  • Mini Tree: From the Arsenal, through the forest and up the hill, across the wooden bridge
  • Gravity Islands: Up the hill, outside the Mossy Skeleton King Cave
  • Tiki Torch: to the left of Seaside Village, near a campfire area

Empty (100+)

  • Soul Drain: To the left of the Void spawn, small lowered island

Cave of Heroes (125+)

  • Soul in a Bottle: Straight from the Arsenal, up and around Stone Mountain
  • Shadow Fruit: As soon as it spawns, at the edge of the cliff

These are all the hidden chest locations. Some of them may require you to use potions and items that give you increased speed or jump, especially those in higher level areas. The rest is relatively easy to reach. Have fun on your treasure adventure and try to collect them all!

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