Roblox Powerhouse Welcome to Bloxburg Reportedly Acquired by Embracer Group, Owners of Tomb Raider, Borderlands, and More

Swedish video game and media company Embracer Group has reportedly purchased popular Roblox experience Welcome to Bloxburg for over $100 million. This purchase is believed to have taken place in August 2022 and was completed in December 2022, when a trademark transfer was discovered and reported by Twitter user EmbracerInvestor on December 16, 2022. The trademark application was filed with of the United States Patent and Trademark Office on November 8, 2022, by Coffee Stain, an operating group of Embracer Group.

While the official price is unknown, the $100 million estimate is likely accurate, as Bloxburg reportedly made nearly $40 million in profit in its 2021-22 fiscal year. With over 6.9 billion visits and 12 million favorites, Bloxburg is one of the biggest experiences on the Roblox platform and an annual community favorite, winning the award for Best International Hit at the 2022 Innovation Awards. Due to its continued success, Bloxburg has even been selected to participate in the Roblox Battles 2022 event, which sees millions of virtual participants every year.

Expanding on that in-house success by merging with an outside company like Coffee Stain, creator of the recently released Goat Simulator 3, is a move many gamers saw coming, as it was revealed in a 2018 interview with Pocket Gamer that Coeptus (the Bloxburg owner, creator and lead developer) was a university student who managed, developed and updated Bloxburg in his very limited free time. As Bloxburg continues to grow and gain popularity at a rapid rate, the demand needed to follow it also increases, making it nearly impossible for a person to manage their development while allowing them to develop as they deserve.


This acquisition marks a major milestone not only for Welcome to Bloxburg, but for Roblox as a company, as it is one of the first large-scale purchases from outside the platform. That being said, however, it doesn’t appear that Coffee Stain, or Embracer Group, has any intention of removing Bloxburg from its home on Roblox. As noted in a tweet by Embracer Group expert EmbracerInvestor, “The main reason [acquisition] happened, is [likely] to get Coeptus assisted by a professional firm to build a larger team to work on the experiment, and so the company [Coffee Stain] can learn more about Roblox [development]. »

No official statement has been made by Coeptus or Embracer Group at the time of this posting, but the community-wide assumption is that Welcome to Bloxburg will remain on Roblox, at least for now, and will begin to publish larger and more complex content. updates as his team and overall video game presence begins to grow. As Bloxburg finds its bearings within Coffee Stain in the coming months, the trajectory of the experience will become clearer and expectations for its future can begin to be formulated.

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