Roblox was NOT hacked on November 9, contrary to rumors

If you’re a fan of Roblox and the community behind it, chances are you’ve heard rumors that it was hacked on November 9, 2022. Gamers have taken to Twitter and TikTok to warn that several hackers will be logging into the game on the aforementioned date and completely wreaking havoc. While some of these rumors were simply about logging out of the game so as not to get permanently banned, others were more drastic claiming that the site itself was going to have all of its servers and users removed completely.

There is no credible information available that proves any of the above was going to happen. Unfortunately, several players believed the rumors and have yet to log back into Roblox and enjoy their favorite games.


Is it safe to play Roblox right now?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to play Roblox. It has not been removed and no player has reported anything negative on their account. The game’s security and development team has the experience and expertise to prevent such situations from occurring. You can also join the game’s official Discord server or Twitter page in order to be informed of everything that is happening in Roblox.

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