Saints Row: how to make money fast

The money treadmill in Saints Row is slow to get going, especially compared to older games in the series. There’s plenty to do in the open world of Santo Ileso, but the game doesn’t tell you which side to venture and scramble first. If you want to make some quick cash, it’s best to avoid a lot of icons on your map, at least to start with.

This Saints Row guide will show you where to spend your time and attention to maximize your income. The two money-making methods to focus on are increasing passive income with Criminal Ventures and prioritizing side businesses with the highest profit margin.

How to make money from criminal enterprises

The fastest way to make money in Saints Row is to increase passive income through Criminal Ventures. This real estate management metagame lets you take control of Santo Ileso by building your own criminal empire. You place businesses and increase their value by completing side missions specific to those criminal businesses.

Investing in growing and expanding your CVs will increase your Passive Income, an in-game hourly rate that increases as you grow the Saints Empire.

To access this feature, you must first complete the “Take Me to Church” and “Networking” missions. “Take Me to Church” unlocks the Saints HQ and is required to complete “Networking”, which unlocks the Empire table. This war table-like map is located on the Church Headquarters floor. It lets you place new businesses, check the progress of your current businesses, and see what rewards you’ll get for completing CVs, such as the coveted Thrustbuster and other weapons.

Starting a new business in a new district costs a good chunk of change, starting at $30,000 for Level 1. Others can cost $400,000 or more, but these are worthwhile long-term investments. A new trading front will immediately increase your cash flow by a good chunk. In addition, each Venture opens up opportunities to maximize your income.

Unique CV side quests are a bit inconsistent in how they distribute money. Some, like the Insurance Fraud in Shady Oaks, earn you more passive income each time you complete a location while other tedious questlines, like those in JimRob’s Garage, earn you no money. until the very end.

It is also important to complete each of the threats in a district, represented by red icons with brass knuckles. These include everything from defeating enemies to destroying hidden police vans, and completing them immediately increases your treasury in a district.

How to transfer money

Be sure to transfer money to your account at relatively regular intervals. Open your phone and select the Cash app under your Camera app. This will show you how much money you earn per hour and how much you currently have that can be transferred. Move the money by tapping the prompt at the bottom of the app. As you add CVs to the Santo Ileso card, you increase the amount of money you can keep in your bank account at one time.

The best way to make money in Saints Row is to spend money. Be sure to consistently invest money in Ventures, and you’ll be rewarded with more money than you know what to do with in the late game.

Earn money with Wanted and @tcha apps

The other easy way to make money fast is to do high paying side jobs. Each target in the Wanted app on your phone guarantees a $5,000 reward. It’s a good early game payback for the time you spend on it. However, as you level up and unlock Criminal Ventures, the fixed sum starts to look pretty meager.

At this point, it’s best to start looking towards the @tcha Review side missions in each district, which trigger quick waves of enemy encounters. Each @atcha business allows you to leave a review between 1 and 4 stars, with lower ratings increasing the difficulty of wave-based battles that follow. These missions are faster than any other side activity, and the 1-star review option will reward you with $10,000 each time.

The best part is that once you complete any @tcha’s 1-star review, the reward for replaying that encounter on any difficulty will net you $8,000. This makes these pieces of content the best to grind on if you need a quick buck. For more tips on how to make your Saints Row experience smoother, head over to our dedicated tips and tricks hub to learn more.