Saori Hasegawa – Persona 3 Portable Hermit Social Links Guide

In Persona 3 Portable, you can choose between a male and female protagonist, and each character has different social bonds with various benefits. The Hermit Arcana is an example of this, with the female protag link being Saori Hasegawa instead of Player Online Anonymous in the other versions. Here’s how to max out high school student Saori Hasegawa’s Hermit Social Link in P3P, including where to find her and the best picks to pick.

How to Unlock and Find Saori Hasegawa Hermit Social Link in Persona 3 Portable

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You can start interacting and building a relationship with Saori Hasegawa from May 8. On that day, the female protagonist of Persona 3 will have the choice of joining one of two school committees: the library committee or the health committee. Neither choice affects her ability to access the Hermit’s Social Link, so pick whichever you prefer, as both lead to Saori’s Social Link becoming available. Once you’ve unlocked Hasegawa’s Social Link, you’ll find her on school days either outside the library if you’ve chosen the library committee, or outside the nurse’s office if you chose the health committee. The nurse’s office and library are on the first floor of Gekkokan High School, next to the faculty office.


How to Rank Saori Hasegawa Hermit Social Link in Persona 3 Portable

During conversations with Saori, you will have the option to choose responses to her dialogue. However, you can’t choose just any answer, as you’ll get more or less Social Link Points depending on your choice, and you want to make sure you pick the ones that will rank up the Hermit S. Link faster. Having a Hermit Arcana Persona in your current Persona roster is also essential, as it gives an extra social link point when picking the best answers, allowing the Arcana to rank up faster.

Hermit Rank 1

This happens automatically after you choose to join the Library Committee or the Health Committee. You can select any dialog option, and the result will be the same.

Hermit Rank 2

  • “We should put them on the shelves. Can you help me? »
    • ” Sure! » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)
  • “I see you sometimes in the lobby, and you always seem to be enjoying yourself.” »
    • “You should have come and talked to me. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)

Hermit Rank 3

  • “Phew… Today was rather hard, don’t you think? »
    • “Let’s stay here a little longer. +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)
  • “Well, there’s no use complaining about what I don’t have. »
    • “Won’t you confront her?” +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)

Hermit Rank 4

  • “But if he really wants to go out with me, then…”
    • “Aren’t you a doormat?” » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)
  • “Do you think it’s wrong to think that way?” »
    • “I can understand that. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)

Hermit Rank 5

  • “I’m sorry you had to see that…”
    • “It doesn’t bother me at all. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)

Hermit Rank 6

  • “I wonder… Is it my fault no one came today?” »
    • ” What did you do? » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)
  • “Oh, if they see you with me, they might start some new rumors…”
    • ” Let them talk. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)

Hermit Rank 7

  • “If you stay near me, you will lose any reputation you had. »
    • ” Do not worry about that. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)

Hermit Rank 8

  • > Saori lowers her head…
    • “Don’t let it get to you. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)
  • “…I don’t want to involve you. »
    • “It doesn’t bother me at all. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)

Hermit Rank 9

  • “……”
    • “I will hit them. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)
  • “I don’t care how other people see me… But I want you to know that.” »
    • ” I believe you. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)

Hermit Rank 10

  • “I will try to start over and try to get up on my own. »
    • “You can do it, Saori. » +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)
    • “I will be alone without you…” +3 (+2 without Hermit Persona)

Upon reaching Hermit Rank 10 with Saori Hasegawa, she will gift you the PA Recording, which unlocks the ability to merge the Arahabaki, the Aboriginal Persona God.

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