Sapwood Blade – How To Get, Ascension, Stats & Who Can Use It In Genshin Impact

Sapwood Blade is one of the four-star swords in Genshin Impact and is a completely free weapon as it can be obtained by crafting. It’s the most useful weapon in the Forest Sanctuary series, as it’s one of the best budget picks for Bennett and can be used by other amazing supports as well.

How to Get Sapwood Blade in Genshin Impact

The Sapwood Blade is a craftable weapon, so it cannot be obtained by shooting a Banner. Instead, you must play through Sumeru’s Aranyaka quest chain to obtain quest items called Stories of You and the Aranara. Then talk to Aravinay in Dream Vanarana to exchange them for forging blueprints, including the Desert Tale, which is used to craft the Sapwood Blade.

Learn the blueprint by using it from your inventory, then head to any blacksmith to forge it with the following materials:

  • x1 Midlander Claymore Ticket
  • x50 Crystal Piece
  • x50 Tin Whip
  • x500 Mora

It only takes 10 seconds to get this sword and you can craft as many as you want for refinements.

Genshin Impact Sapwood Blade Stats

  • Base Attack: 44 to 565
  • Sub Stat: Energy Recharge (6.7-30.6%)
  • Passive: Forest Shrine
    • After triggering Burning, Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon, a leaf of awareness will be created around the character for up to 10 seconds.
    • When picked up, the leaf grants the character 60/75/90/105/120 Elemental Mastery for 12 seconds. Only 1 sheet can be generated this way every 20 seconds. This effect can still be triggered if the character is not on the field. The Leaf of Consciousness effect cannot stack.


Genshin Impact Sapblade Ascension Cost & Materials

Below are all of the Ascension materials needed for the Sapwood Blade. They can be grown from the following:

  • Chaos Materials: Ruin Drakes in Sumeru
  • Satin/Silk/Brocade: Hermits everywhere in Sumeru
  • Due Forest Talisman: Tower of Abject Pride (Monday, Thursday, Sunday)

Ascent Stage 1

x5,000 Mora

x2 Faded Red Satin

x3 Chaos Storage

x3 Copper Talisman of Forest Dew

Ascent Phase 2

x15,000 Mora

x8 Faded Red Satin

x12 Chaos Storage

x3 Forest Dew Iron Talisman

Ascent Phase 3

x20,000 Must

x6 Garnished Red Silk

Chaos Module x6

x6 Forest Dew Iron Talisman

Phase 4 Ascent

x30,000 Must

x9 Trimmed Red Silk

Mayhem Module x12

x3 Silver Talisman of Forest Dew

Phase 5 Ascent

x35,000 Mora

x6 Rich Red Brocade

x9 Chaos Bolt

x6 Forest Dew Silver Talisman

Phase 6 Ascension

x45,000 Mora

x12 Rich Red Brocade

x18 Chaos Bolt

x4 Golden Forest Dew Talisman


Who can use Sapwood Blade in Genshin Impact

Sapwood Blade has a high base attack and energy recharge sub-stat, which automatically makes it a great choice for characters that scale off of base attack or those who like to use their elemental bursts. However, to use his Elemental Mastery-enhancing passive, you need to perform a Dendro Reaction comp, which may limit your options a bit. Also, it’s important to know that the Elemental Mastery boost goes to the character who picks up the Awareness Leaf (similar to the Xiangling Chilli), not necessarily to the wielder.

That said, here are the characters that can use Sapwood Blade:

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