September Pokémon GO Community Day – Event Bonuses, Timed Research, and Featured Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon are highly sought after in Pokémon GO, and there’s no better time to get your hands on them than during a Community Day event. Niantic has announced the featured Pokémon for September 2022 Community Day. Roggenrola will be available in the wild and with its shiny spawn rate greatly increased. The event will take place on September 18, 2022 and will run from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. local time.

Roggenrola is the featured Pokémon for the September 2022 Community Day event. This Pokémon’s shiny form is quite similar to its normal color, so it can be easy to miss it, but its evolution, Gigalith, significantly changes its color palette. . Gigalith’s glowing changes from red gems to blue gems, make for a striking color shift.


If players evolve Roggenrola into his final evolution, Gigalith, during the event, he will learn the exclusive move Meteor Beam. This is an extremely powerful charge attack and trainers should not miss the chance to grab it.

Event Bonuses

Players can take advantage of event bonuses during the Community Day event to earn extra candies and other great rewards. The full list of event bonuses can be found below:

  • Eggs hatch at 1/4 the distance.
  • Double Candy for catching Pokémon during the event.
  • Incense will last for three hours if activated during the event.
  • Players gain an additional special trade during the event.
  • Trades cost 50% less Stardust.
  • Decoy Mods last for three hours if activated during the event.
  • Double the chances of getting XL Candy by catching Pokémon.

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