Seregios Weaknesses, Resistances and Drops – MHR Sunbreak

Seregios Weaknesses, Resistances and Drops – MHR Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a massive expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, adding many new and old monsters into the fray. One monster you might remember is Seregios, which adds a devastating status disease called Bleed, so it’s good to know the monster before you fight. So here are Seregios MHR Sunbreak Weaknesses, Resistances and Downs.

Below is a legend of the meaning of all the symbols.

All information and weaknesses of Seregios in MHR Sunbreak

Seregios Weaknesses, Resistances and Drops – MHR SunbreakImage via Capcom

Large flying wyverns with sharp scales called “Bladescales” all over their bodies. Seregios are well known as extremely territorial and belligerent creatures, often engaging in intense combat against other large monsters.

Be especially careful when they launch their scales from their bodies. Some of their attacks cause the Bleeding status, depleting the hunter’s health. They have a wide variety of attacks.

Seregios Elemental weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Seregios is incredibly weak to the Thunder element, so that should be your priority when using Dual Blades, Insect Glaive, and Sword and Shield. Ice is the other element you should use, if not thunder. The Flying Wyvern is also weak against Water and Dragon, but the damage dealt is not as great as Thunder/Ice. Seregios is immune to all Fire damage.

Seregios Weapon Location Weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

All damage types are great against Seregios, especially if you focus on different body locations. The cut should swing at the legs and tail. Blunt should hit with the head and neck. And ammo users should aim for the head and legs,

rooms To cut Blunt Ammunition
Head 55 60 45
Neck 35 40 30
Abdomen 35 35 25
Return 30 30 20
winged arm 30 30 20
Wing 35 35 25
Leg 50 45 45
Tail 40 35 35

Seregios Status Resistances and Ailments in MHR Sunbreak

Zero stars means it is immune to this disease, while three stars means it is very effective against this monster. Ideally, you should focus on the status effect, Exhaust, which lowers the monster’s stamina. This is due to the use of Blunt-type weapons and Bowguns using exhaust ammo.

Blast is great, but overall not worth trying anything else. Everything will work apart from paralysis, but it will take too long to take effect.

Poison Exhaust ★★★
Stun fire blight
Paralysis The water burn
Sleep Lightning ★★
Blast ★★ ice burn

Seregios drop rate – cut, capture, break and more in MHR Sunbreak

There are multiple ways to get Monster Coins, but it all revolves heavily around a percentage system, which is ultimately RNG. You can get a rare item or not at all.

  • There are several ways to get items:
    • You can normally carve three times once the monster is dead, but this can change with skills and monster type.
    • All of said monster’s sharp appendages can usually be carved once.
    • Capturing the monster instead of killing it can change the reward percentage.
    • Breaking coins, claws and monster wings increases the chances of getting more coins.
    • By getting the white drops that fall from the monster
    • Earn rewards for completing your quest.
Materials Target rewards Catch Rewards Broken Parts Rewards Carves
Seregios Scaleslave+ 21% 23% 17% (leader) 32% (body)
12% (tail)
Airblade Seregios+ 35% 33% 10% (wing) 24% (body)
10% (tail)
Sergios Carver+ 18% ten% 70% (leg)
30%[x2] (leg)
21% (Body)
Seregios+ Scraper 15% 21% 70% (wing)
20%[x2] (wing)
10% (Body)
Seregios Impaler+ 8% ten% –% 75% (tail)
Seregios Mantle 3% 3% 3% (wing) 3% (Body)
Seregios Breaker+ –% –% 80% (Head) 12% (Body)

By looting white drops from monsters, you have the chance to get one of several items: Seregios Slavescale +30%, Seregios Airblade +55%, Seregios Carver +15%, Seregios Mantle 1%, and Large Wyvern Tear 50%.

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