Shogun Ceanataur Weaknesses, Resistances, and Drops – MHR Sunbreak

Shogun Ceanataur Weaknesses, Resistances, and Drops – MHR Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a huge expansion that introduces familiar monsters and changes new monsters you encounter in the base Monster Hunter Rise game. Shogun Ceanataur has appeared in many Monster Hunter games, and now he wants to try his luck in Sunbreak. Here are Shogun Ceanataur’s weaknesses, resistances, and drops in MHR Sunbreak.

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All information and weaknesses of the Shogun Ceanataur in MHR Sunbreak

Shogun Ceanataur Image via Capcom

Large carapaceons that originally appeared in Monster Hunter 2, known to use wyvern skulls for their shells. The Shogun Ceanataur attacks its prey with long, sharp claws that are strong enough to punch holes in solid rock. Very rarely, they may also drop precious pearls.

Shogun Ceanataur Elemental Weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

All elements are viable against the Shogun Ceanataur except for the Dragon, to which he is immune. For best results, equip a Thunder or Ice weapon and head to town on the Armored Carapaceon. Although fire is also a great item to use if you want to break his claws.

Shogun Ceanataur Weapon Location Weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

For Carapaceon like Shogun Ceanataur, bludgeoning damage is the way to go, so hammers and hunting horns prepare. Blunt users should focus on the carapace and claws and let those using cutting weapons focus on the head and legs. Bowguns should aim for the head and legs.

rooms To cut Blunt Ammunition
Head 50 45 45
Torso 35 35 25
Shell 25 45 25
right claw 25 30 15
Right leg 35 30 30
left claw 25 30 15
The left leg 35 30 30
Arms 25 35 25

Shogun Ceanataur Status Resistances and Disease Effectiveness in MHR Sunbreak

Zero stars means it is immune to this disease, while three stars means it is very effective against this monster. Against Shogun Ceanataur, Blast is very effective to use, while finding and throwing a Firebeetle and Thunderbeetle to inflict Fireblight (constant damage) and Thunderblight (more likely to stun.) to the Carapaceon monster. Although all other diseases will work against this enemy, the time it takes to take effect is not worth it.

Poison Exhaust
Stun fire blight ★★
Paralysis The water burn
Sleep Lightning ★★
Blast ★★ ice burn

Shogun Ceanataur drop rate – size, catch, breeze and more in MHR Sunbreak

There are many ways to get Monster Coins, but it all revolves heavily around a percentage system, which is ultimately RNG. You can get a rare item or not at all.

  • There are several ways to get items:
    • You can normally carve three times once the monster is dead, but this can change with skills and monster type.
    • All of said monster’s sharp appendages can normally be carved once.
    • Capturing the monster instead of killing it can change the reward percentage.
    • Breaking coins, claws and monster wings increases the chances of getting more coins.
    • By getting the white drops that fall from the monster
    • Earn rewards for completing your quest.
Materials Target rewards Catch Rewards Broken Parts Rewards Carves
Ceanataur Cortex 24% 27% 10% (shell)
70% (shell)
41% (Body)
Ceanataur Heavy Leg 32% 36% –% 32% (Body)
big baggi claw + material mhr wiki guide Ceanataur Hardclaw 22% 12%[x2] 70%[x2] (Claw)
30% (Claw)
17% (Body)
Monster Slogbone 12% ten% 20% (shell) –%
fine black pearl ten% 15% 10% (Body)
Heavy Wyvern Scalp –% –% 70% (shell)
100% (shell)
strong bone –% –% 30% (shell) –%
Crab Pearl + –% –% –% –%

If you collect the white monster drops, you might get one of these materials: Ceanataur Cortex 80%, Fine Black Pearl 25%, and Crab Pearl +75%.

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