Should we choose the shovel or the saw in Scorn?

The organic world of Scorn is unforgiving. Not only is the environment filled with horrific scenes of body horror and structures covered in disgusting materials, Scorn also offers intricate puzzles that induce a different type of horror. During the first puzzle of Act I, you will have to make a choice that some may miss. Will you choose the shovel or the saw in Scorn’s first puzzle?

The first puzzle asks you to enter a large chamber and collect an egg to pass through a locked door. After collecting the egg from the second floor, you will need to push the egg in a cart through the chamber. The chamber contains a track that leads to two different rooms: one with a shovel gear and one with a saw gear. Deciding where to take the egg has unintended consequences, so is there a right choice?

What happens if I choose the Scoop in Scorn?

The scoop seems like the more humane choice, but if you study the environment, you’ll get a clue as to what’s going on if you choose the scoop. Limbs and eggshells rest around the base of the shovel, and choosing the shovel will add to the pile. If you choose the scoop, the creature in the egg will be extracted from the egg, dismembering and killing it in the process. Once the creature is eliminated, you can take its arm, carry it to the mod station in the hallway leading to the main chamber, and then use it to open the chamber door.


What happens if I take the saw in Scorn?

The saw is the hardest option to reach and seems to be the most violent choice for extracting the egg. However, this turns out to be the merciful choice, as the saw will cut through the egg, leaving enough room for the creature to escape from the egg. Once the creature has emerged from the egg, it will take some time for it to learn to walk and follow you. Once the creature follows you, bring it to the mod station and lead it to the controls of the chamber door.

Difference between choosing Scoop or Saw in Scorn

The choice doesn’t impact the ending of the game, however, each choice has a separate achievement, so if you want both, you’ll need to complete the puzzle twice. Picking the Scoop is definitely the more gruesome choice, but you’ll complete the puzzle faster. The choice also doesn’t affect future gameplay, but you should keep your boyfriend’s fate in mind.

How to get to the Scoop or Saw in Scorn

To access the rooms, you will need to operate the large machine located at the top of the structure in the middle of the chamber. Using the machine, you can change the positions of the tracks in the chamber. Here is what each track must be set to to access this room.

  • Saw: Close bottom left track, close bottom right track, hold top left track open.
  • Scoop: close lower left lane, keep lower right lane open

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