Signalis Astrolabe Puzzle Solving Guide

The Astrolabe puzzle is perhaps one of the most confusing puzzles in all of Signalis, at least until this stage of the game. Its solution is apparently nowhere to be found – it is not written on a note or deciphered using the radio as are other safes. However, its very construction is a clue where to find its Nebula Suit.

This quick guide from Signalis will tell you where to find the Astrolabe Puzzle solution if you want to solve it on your own, and it will also tell you the alignment answer if you’re just ready to get what’s inside .

Where to find the answer to the Astrolabe puzzle

It’s like you’ve come across the Astrolabe Puzzle answer before and don’t know it. The solution can be found on the star map in the briefing room near the Paternoster Looping elevator on level B8. You will reach this area shortly after solving the Fuse puzzle to activate the elevator.

Pay close attention to the planets and their alignments and compare them to the symbols on the spinning disks in the vault in Adler’s study.

How to solve the Astrolabe puzzle

When you interact with the Astrolabe Puzzle, you will notice four symbols lined up in the middle. The top symbol is on a fixed piece of the safe, while the other three symbols are on rotating discs. There is a button in the middle.

The top symbol represents Heimat/Leng on the star map. The goal is to align the other planets on the rotating disks as they are when Heimat/Leng is at the top center of the star chart.

  • Rotfront is the outermost rotating ring, represented by the white sphere. It should be in the lower left corner.
  • Kitezh and Vineta are the next ring inward, represented by the two vertical lines. They should point to the upper left corner.
  • Buyan is the innermost ring, represented by the hexagon. It should point to the lower right corner.

And with that you have solved the Astrolabe puzzle in Signalis. Take the key from the administrator inside and take the elevator to level B8 to the mines below. Here in Nowhere, you’ll face your biggest challenge yet. Prepare for a fight at every turn and a bewildering treasure hunt to unlock the game’s final gate.