Signalis Incinerator Gas Valve Puzzle Solution Guide

The incinerator gas valve puzzle is one of Signalis’ most complicated puzzles, mainly because it’s not immediately clear exactly what to do. There are knobs and a screen with a line graph, and if you turn the knobs, the line graph changes path. But what does all this mean and how to solve it to get the fire key in the oven?

This quick guide from Signalis will tell you how to solve the gas valve puzzle, as well as how to get the incinerator key to access the room in the first place.

How to get the incinerator room key

You’ll find the incinerator room on floor B3, the new medical ward, right next to the morgue on the east side of the map. But you will need a key to access the room. You can get the key to the Sword Vault in the nurse’s station off the southern hallway.

To get the Sword Safe suit, go to the waiting room in the east hallway and interact with the note on the chair on the left (west) side of the room.

When you inspect the note, there will be several letters, with at least one scratched, on the left side, and there will be numbers, with several scratches, on the right side. The letters on the left side correspond to the numbers on the right side.

Take a photo of the note with your phone or write the correlations down on a piece of paper, so you don’t have to constantly reference the note in your memory bank when entering the code. Return to the nurses’ station and tune your radio to the correct frequency to get the code. You can view the frequencies by accessing the Frequencies note in your memory bank.

Your note will look different, with the letters and numbers in different places.

Now interact with the vault. You will notice that the letters on the safe keypad are not in the same order as on the Sword Safe note. Instead, press the letters on the keypad that correspond to the numbers in the code, regardless of their location on the actual safe.

Enter the correct combination and you will unlock the safe. Take the key to the incinerator inside.

How to solve the incinerator puzzle

When you enter the incinerator room next to the morgue, you will see a sign and a back chamber along the wall. Interact with the panel. Here you will see three buttons and a screen with a black line at the top, a red line in the middle, and a green line at the bottom. There are also several LEDs just to the left of the display: Co2 high/low, gas high/low, and o2 high/low. There is a lever on the right side of the panel.

The goal is to adjust the dials so that the black line follows the path of the red line when you pull the lever. If a light comes on when you pull the lever, it means you need to move up or down the associated level until it no longer lights up. For example, if “gas up” lights up, you should turn down the gas valve until it no longer glows, making sure that “gas down” also stays off.

Knobs only turn halfway in either direction. Here is the solution with the valves starting in the center:

  • Co2: 5 remaining.
  • Gas: 5 right.
  • o2 : 8 restants.

Unlike in-game security codes, it doesn’t appear that this puzzle – or others – have different solutions depending on your specific game. With that in mind, this solution should work for you.

With the valves in the correct position and the incinerator puzzle solved, open the oven and take the fire key, which you’ll need to open the 5-lock door in the waiting room, though you’ll need to gather four other keys first. Fortunately, none of them are as difficult to collect as this one. To find out more, visit our Signalis guides.