Signalis Pump Room Puzzle Solution

Although Signalis’ Pump Room puzzle may seem daunting at first glance, it’s actually one of the easiest puzzles to solve in the game. You just need to know where to look for the solution.

This quick guide will walk you through how to move the water in the pump room to clear the Protektor bathroom and reach the area below, where you’ll find several important story items.

How to get the pump room key

If you’re here because of the Pump Room puzzle, chances are you already have the Pump Room key. But for the sake of thoroughness (and not assuming everyone who’s been here has found it), you can pick up the Pump Room Key in the Protektor bathroom off the west hallway in the new med ward.

How to solve the pump room puzzle

Take the pump room key from the Protektor bathroom, cross the lower right west corner and enter the pump room itself (it’s the room south of the waiting room with the door with 5 locks). Inside, you’ll see tanks and a water level monitoring station at the top of the room, and two offices on the far right of the room. Interact with the step on the table without the light.

This note walks you through exactly how to solve the pump room puzzle, explaining how to move the water from each tank to empty the Protektor bathroom. The goal here is to fill tank A halfway and tank B three-quarters full while emptying tank C.

Instead of taking a picture and referring to it (because it’s hard to remember), here’s what the note says, with some formatting additions and instructions to make it easier to understand:

With tank A full, here is how to equalize the tank:

  • Fill reservoir B (down arrow A/B).
  • Fill tank C only from tank B (B/C down arrow).
  • Move water from Reservoir C to Reservoir A (A/C up arrow).
  • Refill tank C with water from tank B (down arrow B/C).
  • Fill reservoir B from reservoir A (down arrow A/B).
  • Fill tank C only from tank B (B/C down arrow).
  • Move water from Reservoir C to Reservoir A (A/C up arrow).

If you followed the instructions correctly, a short cutscene will play as soon as the water levels are properly equalized. With the Pump Room puzzle solved, you can now use the hole in the Protektor bathroom floor to reach a new, lower area and several important and key items needed to move forward. For more, like how to solve the gas valve puzzle in the incinerator and how to burn the blank key, click on the links or head to our guides hub.