Sims 4 Free Real Estate Cheat (Free Houses!)

Sims 4 Free Real Estate Cheat

The Sims franchise remains the most popular and expanding collection of home building simulation games, allowing players to design endless creative spaces and play as unique characters with different lifestyles. The Sims 4 continues to grow and update with new content that makes building a home and living even more enjoyable.

It can be a slow and difficult process guiding your Sims through life, saving money to get the house and items you want. However, if you’re a returning Simmer and aren’t looking to go through the initial stages for another time or don’t have time to work the bottom up, there are ways to buy the house. of your dreams from the start. ––with the free real estate cheat!

How to Get a House for Free in The Sims 4

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To buy a new house or move to a new location, whether you’re starting a new game or moving house, you’ll want to go to the Manage World menu. This is where you can see available houses and lots with a green outline around them. When you start a new game, you only get a budget of $20,000, and the most expensive houses will always warn you that you can’t afford them. Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

  • Press CTRL, Shift, and C to open the cheat menu on PC, or L-Bumper, R-Bumper, L-Trigger, and R-Trigger on a console controller (this opens a white box in the top left of the screen )
  • Type testingcheats true
  • Then type freerealestate on

After typing the cheat, you should see a message in the cheat box that says “Free Real Estate Enabled”. This means that all bundle options will now be available regardless of how much money you have. Go ahead and click on the house you want!

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Note that now when you go to buy the house, your remaining funds will still be listed as the same $20,000. You will not use any part of your money to buy the bundle and you will get it 100% free. You can also go into build mode in advance and add the items you want before buying the house and get it all for free! Tap that Buy Home button to jump into your new location and begin your Sims’ adventure hassle-free!

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Why don’t cheats work?

There are several reasons why the cheat wouldn’t work for you, and in most cases it’s because you have disabled your cheats. However, make sure you’ve typed it correctly – usually there are never any spaces between words except for ‘true’ and ‘on’. Always make sure to type the command: testingcheats true first before typing the other cheat. If that doesn’t work, go to your Options-Game Options and switch to the Other tab.

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Make sure Scripting Mods Allowed is checked. If it’s already checked and still not working, uncheck it, re-enable it, apply the changes and restart your game to see if it’s fixed. If this fails to fix the issues, there may be a deeper issue with your game that may require a reinstall.

Let us know if this trick worked for you and which dream home you decided to buy completely free! Also, don’t forget to check out the Sims 4 Pro Game Guides for more tips on how to unlock all of the items!

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