Sons of The Forest Release Date, Trailer, Rumors and News

If you’re looking for a crafting-focused open-world survival horror game, consider checking out Sons of the Forest. It will be released on PC in February 2023. Sons of the Forest will have both multiplayer and single player capabilities. Check out the trailer below!

When will Sons of the Forest be released?

Due to delays in the past, fans of The Forest franchise have been eager to know when The Forest Songs will actually drop. There seems to be no hint of further delays and the current release date is approaching soon. Sons of the Forest is set to be released on February 23, 2023.

What platforms can you play Sons of the Forest on?

Gamers of all platforms love survival horror games. Naturally, non-PC fans might want to get in on the Sons of the Forest action. The bad news is that Sons of the Forest will only be released on PC. Although this may change in the future, there are currently no plans to expand Sons of the Forest to other platforms.


Will Sons of the Forest have multiplayer?

Since the game is a survival horror, players of the genre expect some options when it comes to cooperative gameplay. Sons of the Forest will have multiplayer capabilities, especially with online co-op. But if you want to play alone, the game is also set to be optimized for single player mode. Playing Sons of the Forest anyway doesn’t seem to change the game much.

What is Sons of the Forest about?

Sons of the Forest is the sequel to The Forest, both being open-world survival games with a heavy emphasis on horror elements and crafting mechanics. In Sons of the Forest, your character is dropped onto an island filled with cannibals that they must survive against. In doing so, he is on a mission to find a billionaire who disappeared there. Survive by defending yourself, crafting necessary materials, and hunting food.

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