Tapping Stars Codes (june 2022)

Tapping Stars Codes

How fast can you type? This game will put your clicky finger to the test. The more you click, the bigger the rewards in Tapping Stars. You can unlock new worlds to explore or get new pets to accompany you on these journeys into the unknown. There are plenty of daily rewards to claim too, but this list of codes we’ve put together for you will give you that extra bit so you can get to those new worlds and adventures faster.

Gems are what you will trade your clicks for. The more gems you have, the more cool pets you can unlock. These pets can help you on your adventures. Click as fast as you can for those stronger pets and bigger, better worlds to explore!

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All Tapping Stars Codes

Updated on June 18, 2022

Updated this page with new information! Stay tuned for all the latest Tapping Stars codes.

Typing on star codes (working)

  • RELEASE—Claim 200 Gems

Type star codes (expired)

  • There are currently no expired codes.

Tapping Stars FAQ, Answered

Follow our guides and make sure you can claim the codes correctly.

How to redeem Tapping Stars codes

To redeem Tapping Stars codes, follow our simple guide below.

Tapping Stars CodesScreenshot by Pro Game Guides

  • Enter the game.
  • Click the Twitter bird icon.
  • Tap in the box that says Enter a code.
  • Click redeem to claim codes.

How to get more Tapping Stars codes

To get more Tapping Stars codes, stay connected with the developer on Twitter @starlight_devs or join them on their Starlight Developers Discord server. Follow us here at Pro Game Guides as we have the most up-to-date codes lists for you and all your favorite Roblox titles.

Why aren’t my Tapping Stars codes working?

Common mistakes can be made when trying to claim a Tapping Stars code. The simplest mistake is typing a letter wrong or forgetting to add grammar to the code. Each code has an expiration date, and we suggest claiming your codes as soon as they are released in case you forget.

What is Tapping Stars?

Tapping Stars is a fun game where you can travel to new worlds by clicking as fast as you can. The more you click, the more you can unlock. Bigger worlds and better pets are what you can claim by activating your clicks. Travel to new worlds that you can unlock and discover new lands with your pets! Keep the number of clicks high; every new world is yours to conquer!

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