Tears of Themis Labyrinth Pavilion Way of Choices walkthrough – Blizzardous Threads of Red event

The Tears of Themis Blizzardous Threads of Red event runs from January 12, 2023 to February 2, 2023 and is open to all Lawyers who have completed the X-Note 2-28 main story. After completing the event tutorial, you can explore the courtyard of the villa, which houses a building called the Labyrinth. Inside the Maze Pavilion, you can explore four rooms to collect artifacts, silk pouches, and more.

After completing the Path of Adversity, the Path of Truth, and the Path of Mystery, you can begin exploring the Path of Choices, where you can obtain the following collectibles:

  • x2 silk pouch
  • x1 key (white chess piece)

This walkthrough will show you an exact path to follow. Since there are no minimaps, we recommend following this guide from start to finish to avoid confusion.

All Labyrinth Pavilion Artifact, Silk Pouch, and Exit Locations – Tears of Themis

This stage is extremely difficult because the AoE of the security lights is very wide and the NPCs are sandwiched next to each other, giving you a tight room to escape. Try to be patient whenever there are traveling housekeepers or big lights nearby.

Silk Pouch #1

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Start on Rosa’s side. Head east to the edge and go north until you see the table with a sparkly spot. Wait for the NPC to pass, then go left to the edge of the room, then drop down, where you’ll find a switch. Interact with him to open a door on the male side. Then you need to keep heading north while avoiding all the good ones.

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Sneak through another set of roaming NPCs and keep heading north from the left side until you reach the highest edge. Then turn left and park Rosa at the exit.

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Switch to the side of the male cable. Go down and turn right to find a switch. Interact with him to open a door on Rosa’s side, but watch out for the roaming NPC. Next, head south and continue right until you find a narrow hallway leading down and housing a switch downstairs. Interact with him to remove some of the silk screens on the other side of the room.

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Wait for the male NPC to move upwards, then carefully cross to the right. Keep turning right until you find the exit, then head north. You have to avoid a series of traffic lights by going through a narrow path that goes to the left. The path from the bottom of the flashlights is wider, so we recommend crossing from there. The maids do not move, but their lights are fast. As soon as the fire is pointing up, run left to pass.

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Once you see the first silk screen, hide behind it and wait for the NPC to pass. Once she’s gone, keep heading left until you find the switch. Interact with it to open a door in another part of the room. After that, continue to the left carefully avoiding the servants (stay on the lower part because it is wider).

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Once the main buck is on the far left of the room, head down and you’ll be back where you started. Turn right and continue until you see the library with some space behind it. Enter this small space to find a sparkling spot that you need to interact with to get a Silk Pouch.


Key – White Chess Piece

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Drop down and keep turning right until you reach the area patrolled by the male NPC. Wait for it to move down before making your move. You must pass through the silk screens to find a Sparkling Chest. Interact with it to get the key called White Chess Piece.

While the male NPC is still preoccupied downstairs, quickly exit the bulkhead and turn right to find the exit to the room. You can leave the male lead here, his job is done.


Silk Pouch #2

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Go to Rosa’s side. This part is quite nerve-wracking as there are very tight spaces for you to move around. Try to be patient and be careful. From the exit, turn left and walk down. Wait for the good pass, then keep going down until you find a good still.

In this segment, stay on the right side as it is wider. Wait for the fire to go away before moving on. You will find a switch sandwiched between two NPCs. Interact with it to open a door nearby. From there you have to keep going down.

There’s a moving maid that’s hard to avoid, so try to hide behind a silk screen on the right side when she’s near. Once down, turn right to the edge of the room.

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You are back at the starting point. After turning right, head north until you see a familiar landmark: the Glittering Table. Stay to your right and keep going up until you see the sword display case. Wait for the maid to pass, then quickly go up and interact with the glittering spot to get the second silken pouch.

To go out

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Exit the wall and turn left. Watch out for roaming NPCs! Then head north to the edge and turn left to find the exit. This completes the four rooms under the Labyrinth Pavilion.

At this point, you should have collected the following items in all four rooms:

  • Artifact 2/2
  • Key 2/2
  • 6/9 silk pouch

You will also be able to participate in Challenge mode as soon as it is unlocked.

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