Tears of Themis Legal Studies Guide

There’s a lot to do as an up-and-coming lawyer in Tears of Themis – among them, he’s partaking in legal studies. Legal Studies is where you can get upgrade materials (such as character and type tokens) and level-up resources (such as Stellin and Oracle of Justices).

Here’s everything you need to know about legal studies in Tears of Themis.

Tears of Themis Legal Studies Rotation Chart

While you’re free to grind as many materials as you want in the game, the catch is that you can’t grind them all in one day. Depending on the day, some legal studies options will be locked.

Legal Study Name on board Materials you can get Unblocked days
Business Consulting Company steel Daily
Operational evaluation Operations Justice Oracle Daily
Crisis intervention Crisis logic chips Monday Friday,
Psychological consultation Psychology Intuition Chips Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Analytical reasoning Analysis Empathy Tokens Tuesday Thursday,
Reasoning techniques Reasoning Vision Chips (for Luke’s evolutions) Monday Wednesday,
Friday Sunday
Case study Case study Equalization chips (for Artem evolutions) Monday Tuesday,
Saturday Sunday
Law consultation Legal Infinity Chips (for Marius evolutions) Tuesday Wednesday,
Saturday Sunday
Psychotherapy PsyT Mind Chips (for Vyn evolutions) Tuesday Thursday,
Friday Sunday


At certain events, you may also be tasked with assisting with consulting duties. Since the names of the cards on the Legal Studies are abbreviated and some of them sound the same, it’s easy to spend AP on the wrong consult by accident.

For example, although the term “legal” is most associated with Artem, the legal consultations are actually about the Marius chips. Meanwhile, “analytical reasoning” is different from “reasoning”. The first is for Empathy Chips and the second (called “Reasoning Techniques” in full) is for Luke Chips, which unlock on different days. Be careful!

Can I access locked legal studies in Tears of Themis?

If the Legal Study is locked for the day, you can spend 20 S Tokens to temporarily unlock it until the end of the day. Still, we don’t recommend doing this, as S chips are too valuable a resource to be used on something you can patiently wait for.

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