Tears of Themis Love in Tranquility Event and Banner Guide – Artem Sweet Chapter

The Tears of Themis Love in Tranquility event runs from December 29, 2022 through January 8, 2022 and is open to all players who have completed the X-Note 2-28 main story. The event celebrates the release of Artem Wing’s first Sweet Chapter and runs in conjunction with the Paired Blessings Shadow of Themis rotation, featuring a solo Artem SSR.

How to complete the Love in Tranquility event in Tears of Themis

Head to the Masterpiece of the Seasons event page under the rotating banner at the top right of the screen, then select Tasks to get an overview of daily tasks and the event. This all involves playing through the Sweet Chapter, which you can also access through the event page or by visiting Artem. Tasks are divided into two phases, with the last unlocking on January 1.

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Artem’s Sweet Chapter is a permanent in-game add-on, but playing it during the event period will net you a ton of rewards including S-Chips, Map Level Materials, and the Limited Commemorative Badge. The Sweet Chapter is set up similarly to the Stellis City system, but you’ll be able to navigate areas specific to Artem’s story, including his bedroom.

Daily tasks reset alongside the server reset, so be careful and make sure you complete them on time if you want to get the rewards! You must complete 28 daily tasks (7 days) to get all the rewards, and there is no way to make up for missed days. However, keep in mind that Sweet Chapters cannot be re-read, so don’t rush through the story!


Tears of Themis Love in Tranquility Event Rewards List

You will get the following rewards for completing all Love in Tranquility daily and event tasks:

  • “You Are My Faith” badge (must complete all Phase 2 tasks, including 28 daily tasks)
  • x2 Tears of Themis
  • x130,000 Stellins
  • x5 Senior Advocate Insignia
  • x5 handgun model
  • x20 III EQ chip
  • x45 Oracle of Justice II
  • x10 sapphire cufflinks
  • x10 tie clip

Tears of Themis Twin Blessings Shadow of Themis Guide

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Paired Blessings includes an SSR Dual Banner with two of Artem Wing’s cards:

  • SSR “Atmospheric” (former)
  • SSR “Twin Blessings” (new)

The banner uses normal Tears of Themis and contains a mercy of 100 sweaters. Each time you shoot you will get x1 Trace of Tears which can be used to purchase Map Upgrade Materials from the Banner Shop at the bottom left of the Vision page. These expire after the Paired Blessings banner ends, so be sure to use them.

The pity system is a bit different from the usual. It will only reset when you get an SSR you don’t already have. For example, if you get SSR “Atmospherics” at 40 draws and you didn’t have the card before, the pity will unfortunately reset. If you owned it before, the pity will not reset and you can keep trying the new SSR “Twin Blessings” using the same pity meter. However, you are not guaranteed out of pity for SSR Paired Blessings.

Paired Blessings is not an event-exclusive card. It will enter the Shadow of Themis rotation banners after the event ends. However, this event banner is a great way to target this card, especially if you already own “Atmospherics”.

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