TGS 2022 Shows Crisis Core FF7 Reunion Gameplay

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 has passed. Some presentations like Xbox wowed viewers with a well-crafted show that highlighted a wide variety of games in a succinct way. Others, like Square Enix, split their presentation into multiple shows with presenters who offered no real insight into the games. Crisis Core FF7 Reunion was one such game that fell victim to this.

Three comedians handled the bulk of Square Enix’s presentation duties, covering Forspoken, Crisis Core, and Star Ocean. They went through chunks of demos, offering mundane observations through monotonous translators.


The Crisis Core demo showed two segments. The first was an arena fight against two creatures that resembled Oni. The second was more of a compilation of blueprints, showing character interactions, summons like Cactuar and Bahamut, and the slot system.

Overall, Crisis Core looks really good. It’s a mix of the original PSP gameplay with updated graphics that put it almost on par with Final Fantasy VII Remake. For those who never got to experience the prequel, it will fill in a lot of gaps, especially with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth releasing next year.

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