The Best Cult of the Lamb Gifts and How to Get Them

Freebies are the perfect treat to ensure your followers stay loyal to the one real lamb. While some gifted items boost subscriber devotion and loyalty, others come with special bonuses that can greatly enhance a cult member’s skills. Below is a ranked list of how we prioritize each gift in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb – Gift List

  • Skull Necklace: When given to an adept, it will have a lifespan that is double the normal duration. This is especially useful because high-level subscribers are usually those closest to reaching old age and leaving the workforce.
  • Nature Necklace: With this necklace, your follower will be able to channel the energy of the surrounding nature to harvest bonus resources such as berries, wood or stone.
  • Flower Necklace: All followers love flowers and all followers love necklaces. If you give them a flower necklace, your follower will generate more devotion faster than before.
  • Big Gift: Although the Big Gift doesn’t grant any special powers to the recipient, it does provide a huge boost to a subscriber’s loyalty. This is very useful if there is a cult member you are trying to level up.


  • Moon necklace: too many things to do and not enough hours to do it? Give one of your followers a moon necklace and reap the rewards of perpetual insomnia because that follower will never sleep again. It also frees up bed space, provided your sleepless follower doesn’t get sick.
  • Feather Collar: Makes the Gifted Disciple faster, which is useful for Cultists who are gathering resources or need to roam the entire commune more frequently than others.
  • Small Gift: Perfect for when you have a follower about to increase their loyalty level, the small gift gives a little boost to a recipient’s loyalty.

How to Get Gifts in Cult of the Lamb

The gifts are acquired by races. Usually, defeating a boss or completely completing a level will provide some kind of gift as a reward, although it is possible to get some gifts in the middle of a crusade. Freebies are just another reason to make sure you’re crusading as much as possible.

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