The best secret support moves in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The best secret support moves in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The best AI support is to get an upgrade in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Palicoes are able to learn a host of new skills that make them even more useful in battle. However, after unlocking them, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best.

MHR Sunbreak Secret Support Moves

As highlighted in our best Palico skills guide, we’re fans of the four-legged friend playing a supporting role. As such, the Healing Clover Bat is the go-to move. It will release a bat that scatters healing powder after doing enough damage to a monster. This move is exclusive to the Healer-type Palico.


There are five secret support moves in total to unlock. To unlock them all, be sure to talk to all the Palicoes around Elgado. You will eventually find quests that will unlock the moves.

  • Felyne fireworks: Bomber type
    • Sets up a massive firework display that goes off after a set period of time.
  • Felyne Power-Up: Fighter Type
    • Improves Buddy Support Moves and Palamute Gear by means of a special performance.
  • Healing Clover Bat: Healer type
    • Releases a bat that spreads healing mist once enough damage has been dealt to the monster.
  • Ameowzing Mist: Support type
    • Plants a mine that deals elemental damage to large monsters when it explodes.
  • Lottery box: Support type
    • A lottery box containing scrolls. When a scroll is drawn, a random support move will be made.

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