The Devil Inside Me – Collectibles Guide

The Devil in Me is the season finale of The Dark Pictures Anthology that invites a group of documentarians to a replica of HH Holmes’ famous murderous castle. There’s a plethora of collectibles scattered throughout the game, from coins to calling cards, and they’re all waiting to be discovered.

Collectibles for The Devil Inside Me

Obol Coin Locations

You can find obols in the following places:

  • The Lighthouse (an obol)
  • Kate’s Hike (three obols)
  • Search for cigarettes (one donation)
  • Search for places (two obols)
  • Ignition of the fuse box (one obol)
  • Follow the trail of blood (one obol)
  • Investigate the child’s voice (one obol)
  • Incinerator (one obol)
  • The hangman’s room (an obol)
  • The Spa (two obols)
  • The underground laboratory (two obols)
  • Rooms (an obol)
  • Post-incinerator (one obol)
  • Find Du’Met (an obol)
  • The Labyrinth (one obol)
  • Under the labyrinth (an obol)
  • Locker rooms (an obol)
  • Court (one obol)
  • Hardening plant (one obol)
  • Down the Hill (une obole)
  • Hangar (an obol)
  • Ground floor lighthouse (one obol)

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secret places

There are more than 45 secrets in this game. They are:

  • Alliance (Pool)
  • FBI Badge (Waste Disposal)
  • FBI ID card (workshop)
  • FBI training photo (workshop)
  • Article on body snatching (Morellos)
  • Psychological report (workshop)
  • Chicago PD Badge (Director’s Suite)
  • Troubled Funeral Letter (Reunion)
  • Childhood Medical Record (Cliffside)
  • Stiletto Shoe (Island)
  • Clipboard (Cliffside)
  • Guestbook of the hotel (cigarettes)
  • Sherman Tape One (Scouting)
  • Front Page News (Cigarettes)
  • FBI memo (blood trail)
  • Diffusion APB (Cliffside)
  • Invitation to the funeral (party)
  • School Letter (Silver Ash)
  • Welcome postcard (Cigarettes)
  • Mme Morello Animatronic (Morellos)
  • Book by J. Morello Holmes (Scouting)
  • Book by J. Morello Sherman (Morellos)
  • Natalie’s remains (separate)
  • Real Human Teeth (Workshop)
  • Chicago Killer Newspaper Clipping (Maze)
  • Sherman Tape Four (Interrogation)
  • Lucinda Munday’s medical report (party)
  • Clipping (Scouting)
  • Returned Letter (Lighthouse)
  • Holiday photo (island)
  • Construction invoice (staff only)
  • Morello Family Invitation (Cigarettes)
  • Male body (firm)
  • Photos of the victims (incinerator)
  • List of aliases (Lighthouse)
  • Sherman Tape Three (Silver Ash)
  • Answering machine tape (Director’s Suite)
  • Auction receipt (personal only)
  • Costume Design (Director’s Suite)
  • Resignation letter (Spa)
  • Foreman’s Log (Incinerator)
  • Invitation to the grand opening (cigarettes)
  • Driver’s License (Homestead)
  • Photo of the theme park (Homestead)
  • Change of will (personal only)
  • Custom Mask Email (Director’s Suite)
  • Children’s book (Reunion)
  • Sherman Tape Two (staff only)
  • Degree certificate (lighthouse)

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Business card slots

There are five calling cards scattered throughout the game and can be used to find other important game items, such as obols. You will find business cards in the following chapters:

  • Cigarettes
  • Sentier de sang
  • Spa
  • Cliff
  • Lighthouse

Dark Image Locations

As is the case with every Dark Pictures game, there are 13 Premonition Photos that you can find throughout the game. They are located in:

  • The lighthouse kitchen
  • At the cabins
  • Search for cigarettes
  • In front of Kate’s room in the hallway
  • Dead end corridor
  • In the hall
  • The Murderer’s Lab
  • Behind the red-lit mirrors
  • Morello’s room
  • Director’s Suite
  • The labyrinth
  • Pool changing rooms
  • drying plant

Camera codes

There are three codes that Mark will need to enter into the keypad next to the TV if you want to view videos recorded by Du-Met. The codes for each video are:

Bar camera code: 0028

Kate Mannequin Code : 7293

Third code: 6883

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