The Quarry: How to be good and save everyone for the best ending

The Quarry has a handful of different endings depending on the choices you make in each chapter. However, there are two, related to trophies and achievements. One of them is the best (or good) ending and requires you to save everyone in a single game. So can you keep everyone alive? Yes!

This guide will tell you the right decisions and choices to make in each chapter to help all characters survive the night. At the end of your game, you will get the Rough Night trophy/achievement because you kept everyone alive. As a rule of thumb, make sure to pass every Hold Breath event and almost every QTE except for a few towards the end if you’re aiming for specific trophies/achievements. There are some that you can fail all the way through and save everyone, but don’t let it go. We will not list all QTEs here.

The decisions and choices below are described with as few spoilers as possible, but some very mild spoilers are unavoidable.

It should be mentioned that there is an interlude between each chapter, where you visit a mysterious woman. If you picked up tarot cards, she tells you about them and asks if you want to know more. Choosing to “move on” or find out more doesn’t affect the best ending – or any of the endings.


  • As Laura in the car, choose to look at the map in the backseat.
  • In the woods, choose to snoop in the chest when looking for the tools.
  • When things get scary in the woods, choose to be compliant.
  • Complete QTEs as Laura in the woods, then with the cop choose to be honest, friendly, docile, relieved when a new character arrives.
  • At the lodge, take the keys to the bunker and choose confident. Be sure to help Max.

Chapter 1: Hackett’s Quarry Forever

  • You begin this chapter as Jacob. Choose the following while talking with Kaitlyn: Thoughtful, Playful, Playful, Courageous.
  • When inspecting the van’s engine, you can choose to disconnect the fuel line or rip/steal the rotor arm. The latter helps you get a collectible later.
  • Choose to be friendly.
  • When you switch to Abi and Emma in the camp cabins, shape your fate by choosing to break in to retrieve the bags.
  • Find Emma near the red golf cart on the other side of the area and choose enthusiastic.
  • Choose to take the scenic route around camp, then choose support.
  • Once the scene fades and you return to the lodge with the other counselors (after seeing the smoke), choose to interrupt/push Nick.
  • Ryan will speak on a podcast. As Dylan, choose friendly, then supportive.
  • You will then ask about your phones and a charge. Choose understanding.
  • Ryan and Chris will come inside. Listen when Hackett is on the phone in his office.
  • Choose worried when talking to Hackett after the phone call and talking about the family.
  • The subject will switch to ghost stories. Choose apologetic, then choose curious.
  • After the QTEs to the vans, choose compliance. After Chris leaves, choose Insistent, Supportive, Reluctant.

Chapter 2: Truth or Dare

  • You will start this chapter as Emma at Hackett’s Quarry Camp Store. Ask Emma to kick the door. When you reach the bottom of the storage room, try to open the door on the right side and call Jacob.
  • Pick up the shotgun near the shelves in this small room.
  • When you open the safe, leave the fireworks.
    Choose affectionate when Jacob grabs the Butterpops off the shelf.
  • Like Dylan in Hackett’s office. Choose friendly, sarcastic when checking phone, and serious when checking shotgun. (Note: I failed the QTE here and it didn’t affect anything).
  • After the wardrobe, pick playful, check out if you want, then head to the party.
  • With Nick in Hackett’s Woods, take Rocky Road for a tarot card and follow the path left twice (you’ll pass the tarot card to the first left).
  • Choose uncertain when you get philosophical with Abi.
    Go down the stairs and keep to the right. Then choose sincere and save Abi during the QTE.
  • Get serious when talking about pork.
  • Choose harsh when talking about shooting for butterpops.
    You will then follow Kaitlyn, Jacob and Nick. Choose hope on the camp track when talking about Abi.
  • Back home, interrupt for truth or dare.
  • You will go around the circle of characters. Choose the truth when Emma asks Ryan about Hackett, then playfully responds to the Hag of Hackett’s Quarry. Choose Kaitlyn, then choose playful.

Chapter 3: Trouble in Heaven

  • As Abi in the woods, choose to call back Nick, then choose honest and careful at the log. Choose kiss.
  • When all hell breaks loose, help Nick, then run.
  • Don’t climb the tree, then complete the Hold Breath event (no red on screen).
    As Jacob, after looking for the napkins, choose Enthusiastic and don’t interact with the QTE. Then choose to flirt (if you dive after this [rotor arm]choose to untangle when given the chance).
  • Back at the camp foyer, choose worried when asking about Nick, then assertive.
  • Take both shortcuts and shout at the end. Choose to shoot.
  • As Jacob, do not interact with the first QTE, but interact with the second. Beg, then don’t throw the dirt.

Chapter 4: Don’t Panic

  • Interact with the first QTE, then choose dismissive. There will be a QTE to call; you can interact with it or not, but don’t interact with the next two QTEs.
  • Choose questioning after the two QTEs, then choose to let go. Interact with the next QTE.
  • As Emma, ​​choose to search the bag, then use the taser (for evidence; pepper spray has the same consequences but doesn’t give you the evidence). After, choose the spray, block the door and use the hatch.
  • Back at the lodge as Dylan, choose optimistic before finding a landline, then choose hopeful in Hackett’s office.
  • Pick determined to call the cops when Ryan has the phone. Then choose suspect, followed by calm after talking about the radio shack and Ryan asks you to hand something over.
  • Go defensive when talking about Kaitlyn, then give the item.
    As Emma (again), spin slowly to reduce noise, then don’t interact with the QTE which seems to speed things up (despite the danger).

Chapter 5: White Noise

  • Like Nick at the start of the chapter, choose grateful, don’t interact with the QTE, then choose reassuring.
  • You’ll then switch to Kaitlyn investigating a noise (no choice but QTEs), then back to Nick. Choose confident, then intrigued. Then choose to hide and hold your breath until the red disappears from the screen.
  • As Ryan inside the radio shack, choose interested, concerned, and sorry. There will be a noise on the roof of the hut and Ryan will aim for the ceiling. Do not interact with the QTE.
  • Then choose Aggressive, Confident, Calm, Desperate, and Chainsaw. Finally, choose uncertain.

Chapter 6: Night Prayers

  • You will begin this chapter as Jacob. Follow the wooden walkway around and down, then all the way down the stairs. Choose delighted, then sorry. Hide and hold your breath as usual and choose to open the trap.
  • You will return to the group at the pool. Here choose compassionate and help Nick.
  • Like Abi in the pool house, choose calm, then compassion. When given the chance, shoot.
  • As Emma, ​​don’t run when you get the chance.
  • Back at the pool house as Ryan, choose reassuring, suspicious, and interested.

Chapter 7: The past behind us

  • When the chapter starts, then transitions to a new scene with the cop, do not interact with the QTE. So choose Compliant x2, Intrigued, Pleading. There is another QTE you should not interact with here. Then choose Concerned, Disappointed, Docile, Worried.
  • After taking control and being able to inspect the cell, another scene will play, where you have to choose fearful, serious, thoughtful, encouraging and empathetic.
  • You will return to the pool house for a short scene. Choose calm. Next, choose curious, optimistic, skeptical.
  • Do not interact with the QTE in prison, then choose compassion.
  • Explore the police station and collect the syringe from the third office on the second floor if you wish (not necessary). Hide it and go to sleep. Wake up and choose honest, confident and don’t interact with the QTE in the jail cell after receiving the information/poem.
  • After that, choose confused, encouraging, resigned, empathetic.
  • When the scene changes, interact with the next QTE, then when it changes again, interact with the QTE with the gun (if you miss the first time, you get a second chance; this happens if you don’t get the syringe).
  • If you choose to give up the syringe, choose the excuse.
  • Choose anxious at the office, then reassuring and show in the pool house.
  • Finally, choose to plead when changing characters.

Chapter 8: Belly of the Beast

  • At the beginning of the chapter in the pool house, choose uncertain, curious, suspicious. So choose guarded, compassionate and friendly.
  • In the woods, choose curious, thoughtful, compassionate.
  • Once in the cave, choose the patient (missing the QTE here doesn’t matter).
  • After the cave sequence, you will control Kaitlyn. Choose honest at the lodge and encouraging at the van.
  • Next, you’ll control Ryan in the rum cellar/basement. After entering the red light area, complete the first QTE but skip the next QTE at the cage.
  • Choose to stop Laura during the next QTE.
  • Then choose to help Jacob.
  • Flip the first and second breaker, continue, then flip the second and third breaker.

Chapter 9: The Matriarch

  • This chapter begins with Dylan and Kaitlyn on their way to the scrapyard. Choose positive and curious.
  • You’ll quickly switch to Abi and Emma at the bunker/storm shelter. Choose Curious x2.
  • You will then move on to Ryan and Laura. Interact with the QTE to shoot, then don’t shoot the knife.
  • Interact with the cabinet near the standing mirror and fireplace before interacting with the door so you can hide in the cabinet and hold your breath once again until the red goes away…