The second ‘Stranger Things’ event is coming soon to Roblox

Just one year after the release of the original Stranger Things experience, Starcourt Mall, another new addition is set to debut on the platform. Although season five of the popular sci-fi series isn’t slated until 2024 and season four ended earlier this year in July, Netflix apparently hopes to fill the gap between those releases with a new and improved , and currently top secret, experiment. At the time of publication of this article, not much information is known about this experiment, but it should debut before the end of 2022.

For now, eagle-eyed fans and leakers alike have discovered the base of the experience, hidden behind the likely fictional title “Dad’s Lab,” a badge created by Netflix and the official Netflix Roblox group. Members of this group include various developers, testers, and executives who have worked on many crossover events for Roblox, such as Fashion Klossete Designer Showcase event, Insomniac World Party event, and even Nikeland. In addition to these discoveries, the community’s most notable Roblox leaker, EventHunters, also posted a tweet on October 12, 2022, stating that over 30 Stranger Things-themed items were leaked with this experiment.


It’s unknown if any of these items will be free, but given the history of Starcourt Mall, we expect that at least one of them can be earned at no cost to the player. If/when this experience releases and free avatar items are added, we will create a guide that details how to get them accordingly.

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