The Silent Hill F trailer also disturbed and intrigued us

The Silent Hill transmission has shown many ongoing projects in the Silent Hill franchise, but the one that has us and the fans buzzing is the teaser for Silent Hill F.

The official Silent Hill Twitter states, “The official trailer for SILENT HILL f ​​follows an all-new story set in 1960s Japan, written by Ryuukishi 07.” Attached is a teaser that had us terrified and disgusted but invested in learning more about the history of Silent Hill F.


This title seems to follow a young girl in what appears to be an abandoned town, overtaken by some kind of red plant. The plant and the red flowers appear to be alive, actively trying to catch the young girl seen in the teaser to what one can only imagine will be a gruesome end. The end of the teaser shows a woman, hopefully not the protagonist, overtaken by these plants before her face falls off and reveals a grisly sight.

We don’t know much about Silent Hill F, but the little footage we have certainly caught our attention. As one of Silent Hill’s many upcoming projects, we can’t wait to see what new horrors await for the future of the series.

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