Tower of Fantasy: how to get password chips and decrypt chests

Scattered throughout the world of Tower of Fantasy are glowing conical chests that require you to “decipher” them. They are available in two easy-to-access varieties and one difficult type. It’s possible to open them without using a specific material, but you won’t get as many rewards for doing so. Instead, you’ll still want to “perfect decrypt” using a password chip with a rarity to match the chest.

This Tower of Fantasy guide will go over the three types of password chests and the types of chips you’ll need to open them.

Where to get and use password chips

Getting the password chips you need is the easy part. All three types of chips – Type I (blue), Type II (purple) and Type III (yellow) – are available as daily and weekly mission rewards, meaning you still need to complete these tasks every day and during the week so you never run dry from chips.

The tricky part is finding the password vaults that take the tokens. You will usually find blue and purple chests in strongholds and exploration points around the world. These chests respawn, unlike Supply Pods, so come back frequently to spend your tokens.

You’ll also find chests as a reward for co-op activity in the world, so if you’re playing with friends, keep an eye out for the pink cylindrical energy shields guarding them.

Using Type III Password Chips is a much higher demand, as the only chests they open become available after defeating one of the world bosses. We’re not talking about the named enemies in Strongholds, but the huge bots and creatures with their own big icon on the map. The first one you’ll likely encounter is Robarg, but others will become available as you explore.

Unless you have an endgame of all endgame builds, you won’t defeat a world boss solo. Check the world chat or with your crew to see if people are fighting a boss near you. You will need at least three players and ideally double that number for the easiest eliminations.

The chest that spawns after defeating the world boss takes Type III tokens. Rewards are (usually) commensurate with challenge, including rarer materials, currencies, and upgrade gear.

In short, do your daily and weekly missions, explore the world and clear the fortresses and, if possible, defeat the world bosses. This is the cycle of password chests and tokens in Tower of Fantasy. Check out our guides hub for more.