In games like Dark Souls and Nioh, dodging and rolling is more important than tanking the hit. As more often than not, a single hit from an unknown enemy will cause you massive damage. For all enemies, it’s not worth getting hit once to find out how much damage they actually do. Ignorance is bliss. This means that stamina usage and timing are two major mechanics in these types of games, that knowing when to dodge is more skillful than escaping the mash and hoping for the best. Vigil: The Longest Night uses this stamina mechanic to allow players to dodge and walk through attacks, but how do you do that?

How to dodge and roll

To dodge in this game or otherwise known as Back Step, all you have to do is press RT – RT without any input direction. If you enter the left or right direction and press RT, you will drive in the selected entry direction. You will know when an attack has been successfully dodged because the words “dodge” will appear on screen.

It’s best to know when you want to perform one of these two evasive maneuvers, as both are vital to your survival. As a swing above your head, you can back up to avoid it, but if you roll to the right, you’ll roll through the attack and get positioned behind them. In this game, there is a Backstab stat, which increases damage dealt from behind. So using the forward roll is perfect in conjunction with this stat.


The opportune time to dodge is the bread and butter of escape. In case of bad timing of the dodge, the attack will hit you. The perfect time to escape is right before an enemy hits you; too soon or too late, well, the damage will be inflicted. This is a game where patience is everything; Observing the enemy closely, looking for changes in their animation is key to knowing when to dodge.

If you continuously attack the enemy, you will dig yourself an early grave. Your attacks have animations that cannot be interrupted, which means that the animation must be completed in order to escape an attack, and at that point you have probably already been hit.

The key to survival is to watch your enemies and attack only when necessary, because when dodging attacks you may get a few good hits before you can back off and wait to dodge another attack.