Want Ellie’s guitar from The Last of Us 2 in real life? There is a cost

With The Last of Us: Part II, the acoustic guitar became symbolic of the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Without getting into spoiler territory, there are several points in the game where Ellie can pick up this instrument and play, giving you the freedom to choose chords and strum using the controller’s touchpad. It has already generated impressive results, as you can imagine.

But what about the guitar itself? The one Ellie has in the game is a particular guitar, based on an actual make and model. Naughty Dog partnered with Taylor to design the instrument for the game, but they went further. Yes, you can now pre-order a replica of the in-game guitar so you can continue practicing away from all the post-apocalyptic noise.

The actual instrument is a special edition of Taylor’s 314ce model, and it’s an exact match to Ellie’s guitar. It comes with this button butterfly decoration and a hard case so you can carry it around Seattle.

Available for pre-order now on PlayStation Gear, the guitar costs $2,299. Alternatively, you can nab a mini guitar adorned with Ellie’s tattoo for $699. Pre-orders for both instruments end July 31 and ship August 28.

Will you be pre-ordering any of these The Last of Us 2 guitars? Play us a tune in the comments section below.