Warframe “connection failed, verify your information” – How to Fix

Technical errors are part of the gaming experience, especially if you’re playing online. Warframe is no exception, so always be prepared for issues like “Connection Failed. Verify your information”. Finding solutions can sometimes be difficult, but luckily we know how to fix this problem. This guide will help you fix connection issues quickly so you can get back to this great third-person shooter.

Best Ways To Fix “Login Failure Verifying Your Information” In Warframe

If you’re having trouble logging into the Warframe, there are several things you can do. The first thing to do is to check your internet connection. This shooting game is an online game, so you can’t login without login. If so, you’re golden, as you’re one restart away from the game’s router. Of course, there are situations where the server is simply down for maintenance due to a new Warframe update. If not, these are the best solutions for internet connection problems.

Fix Warframe connection issue on PC using IPv6 connection

If you have that infamous “Failed to connect. Verify your information,” try using Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), which has more options than IPv4. Keep in mind that it is better to use IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously. It’s easy to enable IPv6, just follow these steps:

  • Open Settings in Windows 10 (you can type “settings” in the search bar next to the Start button).
  • Open the Network and Internet option.
  • Select Change adapter options in advanced network settings.
  • Right-click on the icon for your Internet connection.
  • Select Properties.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv6) if it is not already checked.
  • Confirm by pressing the OK button.


Use an alternate internet connection to play Warframe

If you’re stuck with an internet connection issue but still want to play Warframe, there’s a quick fix. You can still use mobile internet by setting up a hotspot to connect to your gaming rig. An easier solution is to ask your neighbor for their internet connection password, maybe they’re a Warframe fan too! If that’s not possible, here’s how to connect your gaming rig to the hotspot.

  • Go to Settings and select the Network & Internet option. Each phone manufacturer has a slightly different layout of options, but it’s usually at the top.
  • From here, you can quickly configure your hotspot by giving it a name and password.
  • Activate the hotspot from the same menu (or drop-down menu from the home screen)
  • Connect your gaming rig wirelessly.

Use VPN to Fix Warframe Connection Issue

If “Connection failed. Check your information”, Waframe problem keeps popping up, you may have a problem with the IP address. One of the ways to solve it is to install a virtual private network (VPN). By using a VPN service, you get a new IP address. But be aware that sometimes the VPN is the source of your problems, so if that infamous message pops up and you have the VPN turned on, turn it off and try again. There are many services that offer a VPN, and even some browsers offer this option.

Disable Windows Security Options to Play Warframe on PC

This is great if you care about your internet security, but it can sometimes interfere with your gaming experience. Windows has its defenses even if you don’t have anti-virus programs installed. Sometimes they can interfere with online games such as Warframe, so try disabling them. It’s worth a shot, as specific game protocols are sometimes recognized as security issues. This sometimes happens when the game is updated, but these security issues are usually quickly fixed by the developers.

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