Warframe ‘Unable to Connect’ – How to Fix

Being an online multiplayer game, Warframe players often face one or the other network or server related issues. One such issue that often spoils the gaming experience for most Warframe players is the Unable to connect error. Unlike most errors in Warframe which are more specific, such as connection issues, this is a general error that can be resolved using multiple solutions. Of all the options, the most common way to resolve the error is to update your Warframe.

How to Fix Warframe Unable to Connect Error

Here are some of the most commonly deployed to fix the login bug.


  • Updating your Warframe game client: According to several Reddit posts, the most effective fix for the connection error is to update your game. Open the game on your respective platform and check for the latest version.
  • Restart your router and change DNS: since this is a network problem, the problem may also be on your side. Restart your router and check if your internet is stable and continuous. Also, if possible, try changing your DNS to another one and run the game.
  • Reinstalling Warframe: If none of the given solutions work for you. As a last resort, delete and reinstall the entire game. For PC users, it’s best to reinstall the game on a different drive than your previous directory.

Remember, if the problem persists for more than a week, contact Warframe Official Support and create a ticket explaining your concern.

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