What are Chaos Gates in Lost Ark?

Chaos Gates is one of the raids you can experience when playing Lost Ark. Up to thirty players can join the party and there are six different dungeons in total. These dungeons will only appear on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays every hour between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time. You can open Procyon’s Compass to get more detailed information about raids and the rewards you can earn for completing them.

Below are all of the dungeons themselves along with their location and the required item level you need to be at to start them. It’s also important to note that rewards from these dungeons can only be earned once per day per character.


  • Twisting Chaos/Darkness/Ghost/Plague Legion
    • Location: Shushire/North Vern/Anikka/Arhetine
    • Item Level: 302
  • Phantom Legion Twist
    • Location: Rohendel
    • Item Level: 460
  • Plague Legion Twist
    • Location: Yorn
    • Item Level: 802
  • Dark Legion Twist
    • Location: Féton
    • Item Level: 960
  • Chaos Legion Twist
    • Location: here
    • Item Level: 1302
  • Twisting Chaos/Darkness/Ghost/Plague Legion
    • Location: South Vern
    • Item Level: 1415

How to unlock Chaos Gates in Lost Ark?

These raids will become available once you reach endgame level 50. These are just one of the new things you can start doing with other players, including Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids.

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