What are red vultures in Genshin Impact?

While roaming the desert areas of Sumeru, you may come across a menacing bird with blood-red feathers staring at you like a snack. Even though these birds may look like typical vultures, their red coloration reveals their true inspiration. These red vultures are inspired by the real-world bearded vulture and soar over the sand dunes of Teyvat. Here’s what we know about Red Vultures in Genshin Impact.

What are the red vultures in the desert areas of Genshin Impact?

What are red vultures?

These birds are inspired by real-world bearded vultures, which live in both Europe and Asia. Their red feathers are actually off-white but are stained red from dust bathing. They eat an almost exclusive diet of bones, earning them the nickname “ossifrage” or “bone breaker”. Since the region of Sumeru seems to be inspired by India and Mesopotamia, it is likely that bearded vultures would in fact inhabit this region.

Where to find red vultures

Image by Professional Game Guides

Right next to the Statue of the Seven, located west of the Sumeru Desert, a red vulture circles in the air. There are also two red vultures flying above the highlighted area of ​​the map. Although red vultures generally fly in circular directions, they can also be found perched on sandy rocks.


How to beat red vultures

Although red vultures are not aggressive by nature, when attacked they defend themselves. If you hit them from afar, however, they’ll be startled and then quickly lose interest. Red vultures only have one attack, where they smack you with their claws. To defeat them you must use either a bow or a catalytic attack if they are airborne. They fly fast, so it can be difficult to hit accurately, so you can wait for them to land on the ground to attack them.

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