What are the floating gold ships in TFT?

On the left side of your TFT board, there are five hollow spaces that sometimes have golden ships floating above them. The purpose of these items is not clearly explained, and even some TFT veterans are unaware of their use. Come join us and get a head start as we explain what golden ships are for in TFT.

What are golden ships for in TFT?

These floating golden containers are known as chests and you can keep up to five of them on your board. Each of these golden chests represents 10 gold and they will automatically appear if you have 10 or more gold in your bank. In TFT, you receive a fixed amount of income each turn, with an additional gold for every 10 gold you hold in your bank. By looking at the number of chests on your board, you can easily see how much interest you will receive per spin.


However, this knowledge goes both ways. You can also teleport to an opponent’s board and quickly see how much gold is in their bank. This information can help you strategize accordingly and know which players to target. In TFT, gold is the name of the game. It’s the currency that lets you level up, buy characters, and re-roll your shop every turn. If a player is consistently low on Golden Chests, they may not be as threatening, while a player who is consistently guarding five Chests is strong competition.

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