What are the maximum and minimum players needed in Among Us?

Among Us is a popular game in which players are assigned the role of a crew member or an impostor. The object of the game is for the impostor to eliminate as many crew members without being discovered. If a deceased player is found, a meeting can be called to discuss who the impostor might be, and players can vote unanimously for another player to jump ship. If the impostor is rejected, the crew members win. If the impostor is left alive, then the impostor is declared the winner.

Imposters have the ability to cross the ship undetected in order to attack their teammates. You will be able to travel through vents and hide in inconspicuous areas in order to trap and kill your prey. In some cases, players won’t know who is friend or foe until it’s too late.


The maximum number of players who can enjoy a single game together is ten while the minimum number of players is four.

With more players, there are more options for game modes, including the addition of two more Imposters. This makes it more interesting as the crew members are expected to complete their assigned tasks around the ship while being wary of not just one, but three imposters.

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