What is a grace mark in OSRS? How to use and get

Whether you’re primarily focused on agility or trying to improve as many skills as possible, you may have come across Marks of Grace. Marks of Grace are a useful currency used to purchase parts of the Graceful Outfit as well as amylase, which is a necessary ingredient for stamina potions. To get these marks, you must complete rooftop agility classes and grab the marks as they appear. Below, we detail where you can find these courses and how to increase your chances of getting a grade.

Marks of Grace OSRS

There are nine old-school RuneScape rooftop agility courses. They are:

  • Course on the roofs of the village of Draynor
  • Al Kharis rooftop course
  • Varrock Rooftop Course
  • Canifis Rooftop Course
  • Course on the roof of Falador
  • Course on the roofs of the village of seers
  • Course on the rooftops of Pollnivneach
  • Rellekka Rooftop Course
  • Ardougne Rooftop Route

Of all these, the Canifis course is usually the best if you have between 40 and 59 agility, as the turns are fast, creating less lag when it comes to grabbing marks. After reaching 60 agility, however, move on to the Falador course which will prepare you for the Seers’ Village course.


Grace marks will appear as you do laps on the rooftop courses. After a mark appears, you’ll have 10 minutes to pick it up before it’s gone forever. If your agility is more than 20 levels above the course requirement, you will be five times less likely to get a grace grade from that course.

Marks will reappear at different intervals throughout the hour, depending on which class you are taking. The best course of action is to stick with courses that you are within 20 levels of the course requirement, then just work your way through, picking up marks of grace as you go.

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