What is a “thrifty” in Valorant?

Each video game has its own set of nomenclatures/words based on its universe, and Valorant is no different. While most Valorant vocabulary, like Spike, Defusal, or ADS, is self-explanatory, few words require a detailed introduction and explanation. One such regularly used word is Thrifty or Thrifty Round. A thrifty round is a situation in Valorant where a particular team has won against the other team by spending less credit/money compared to their overall purchase value.

For example, suppose there are two teams – A & B. If team A made an overall purchase of 20K in one round, and team B still manages to beat them by spending less than 20K . Then that particular round will be considered a Thrifty round for Team B. Remember that this is just a title and you will not receive any additional credit for the accomplishment.


What is the original English meaning of Thrifty?

According to any dictionary, Thrifty refers to an act of spending wisely without wasting it on unnecessary things.

Common Valorant Definitions

Outside of Thrifty, Valorant has a few words that can confuse players.

  • Molly: refers to any index ability.
  • Sky: The highest point of any building.
  • NT: Nice try! It is used to applaud his efforts.
  • Camp/Camping: To hold a particular area without moving or wandering anywhere.

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