What is Apex League in Tower of Fantasy? Ranked PVP Explained

What is Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

While Tower of Fantasy offers an in-depth story and PvE content, it has a competitive edge. Apex League is Tower of Fantasy’s PvP game mode where players compete head-to-head. This may leave you wondering about Apex League in Tower of Fantasy.

How to play Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

Before joining Apex League and playing PvP in Tower of Fantasy, you must first reach level 31 to unlock this mode. Once you’ve done that, go to your Adventure menu and select the Challenges tab. This is where you queue for Apex League.

Matches last five minutes or until an opponent has won two points. You gain a point when you reduce your opponent’s health to 0, deal damage to them, or take fall damage. There are several ranks to climb, including:

  • Private
  • Elite
  • Sergeant
  • Commander
  • Star General
  • battle lord
  • Grand Marshal

Winning matches will increase your rank, while losing matches will lower it. You will earn various rewards based on your rank at the end of the season. These are higher the higher your rank is at the end of each season.


Best characters and teams for Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

You’ll want to build a strong PvP team for Apex League. That doesn’t necessarily mean grabbing the best characters, but rather building a team that complements each other. Here are our recommendations for the best characters and teams for Apex League in Tower of Fantasy.

Best characters for Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

  • SS
    • Cocoritter, Meryl, Nemesis
  • S
  • A
    • Crow, King, Pepper, Shiro, Tsubasa
  • B
  • VS

Best teams for Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

Voltage Lock DPS

  • Nemesis, Samir, Shiro
    • Nemesis will be your main weapon for this. Use his broken kit to force opponents to move from shrink areas while dealing damage.
    • Samir deals incredible damage while negating debuffs with his charged weapon.
    • Shiro is there to break shields and slow opponents of your other characters.

Ice all around

  • Cocoritter, Meryl, Tsubasa
    • Cocoritter will provide your main support and utility, acting as a healer.
    • Tsubasa should be your main DPS and allow you to attack from a distance. Don’t be afraid to withdraw if necessary.
    • Meryl acts as a shield breaker and close combatant. Be aware of Meryl’s short range and slow speed, so be prepared to retreat to Tsubasa if necessary.

Heavy Shieldbreaker

  • Huma, Meryl, Shiro
    • Huma will be your main source of defense and will provide the fire element if you need it for clashes.
    • Meryl will be your main fighter, freezing enemies and readying you to switch to Shiro or Huma when needed.
    • Shiro eventually plays your shield breaker, ideally after Meryl freezes and locks your enemy in place.

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