What is Good Boy Protocol in Destiny 2?

It all led to this. For weeks, Guardians have been wondering what the floating orbs around the various planets of Destiny 2 are for. With the unlock doors option finally available, Guardians can delve deeper into the mysteries of the “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” mission. “. But know that this trip will unlock something much more important than the IKELOS protocol, the Good Boy protocol.

What’s behind the 50 knot gate in Operation: Seraph’s Shield?

After collecting all 50 nodes spread throughout the system (12 on Europa, 12 on the Moon, six in each Battleground, and 12 in Operation: Seraph’s Shield), Guardians will be able to unlock a mysterious door on the orbital station. Behind it are a series of lasers, a locked door, and a jump sequence. But in the end, it’s something worth all the hassle. An Exo pup that’s been sitting in the dark for who knows how long needs a good scritch. This is where you, the caretaker, have to perform the Good Boy protocol and give that pup a well-deserved pat.


Luckily for you and the pup, Ghost will pass it on to HELM where you can run the Good Boy protocol as much as you want. There’s even a blanket and pillows for this cybernetic pooch to rest under Rasputin’s protective gaze.

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