What is redirect in Mount Hunter Rise Sunbreak

What is redirect in Mount Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Redirection is a skill in the Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise. It can be acquired by equipping the Lunagaron Chest and Strikes armor pieces or by equipping the Tier 3 Decoration. Players looking to get the most out of their Switch skills can make the most of the second tier of the competence. This is all players need to know about Redirect Skill in MHR Sunbreak.

How Redirection Works in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

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The redirect skill will activate when a player performs a skill change before the monster attacks. It works much like a parry and can be used even when the monster is roaring. At level 1, the redirection will reduce all damage taken by the player and prevent them from flinching, covering their ears, or flying backwards from attacks. At level 2, the same effect applies and the player also swaps evasions backwards and fills the Wirebug gauge.


What skills work with redirection in MHR Sunbreak?

Upon performing a skill change and enabling the redirection, a window will appear indicating that it worked. Players using the Evade Extender skill with a level 2 redirect will see a noticeable difference in how far they evade during the swap evade. The Tier 3 Wirebug Whisperer skill further increases the amount of Wirebug Gauge fill, giving players the ability to perform more Silkbind attacks even faster. Level 3 Bubbly Dance counts all evades for its activation, making it well paired with redirect and revive.

Does Evade Window increase the redirect window?

Evade Window at any level does not facilitate redirection. The window for the Switch Skill Swap is not affected by any Skills or Dangos and may seem difficult to pull off. Players can practice redirecting by going to the training area and performing the skill change whenever the training dummy crashes to attack.

What weapons work best with redirection in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

All weapons work well with redirection, but some benefit more than others. Slow weapons that don’t have much mobility can particularly benefit from the Tier 2 variant as the Swap Evade can put distance between the player and the monster. Weapons and their more expensive Silkbind attacks that use two Wirebugs can use Redirection’s Wirebug recovery, giving players the ability to continuously use these powerful attacks without too much of a pause in between.

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