What is Stephen Curry’s rating in NBA 2k23?

Golden State Warriors MVP Stephen Curry is one of the most popular players in the NBA 2K franchise due to his lightning-fast kill shot. So one of the first things everyone used to know is Steph’s rating in NBA 2K23. He had a great season behind and was one of the MVP candidates, so expect him to be one of the highest rated players in NBA 2K23.

Steph Curry’s Full Ranking in NBA 2K23

Stephen Curry has an overall rating of 96 in NBA 2K23, which is one of the highest ratings in the game. The only player rated higher is Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has an overall rating of 97. But in one category, Steph is undisputed : the three-point shot. No one is even close to him, as he is near perfect with a 99 3-point shooting rating. The second player is his Splash brother Klay Thompson with “just” an 88 rating. As you might expect, Curry excels in the Outside Scoring where his overall rating is 95:

  • 93 Close-up
  • 88 Medium Shot
  • 99 Three Point Shot
  • 93 Lancer franc
  • QI de 98 tirs
  • 99 Offensive Consistency


Other outstanding numbers in these Warriors player categories include:

  • 96 Lay-up
  • 94 Null foul
  • 98 Mains
  • 97 Ball Handle
  • 97 Pass QI
  • 98 Endurance
  • 98 Scramble

Stephen Curry in NBA 2K23 is a below average defender, just like in real life. But we are sure that is not important for Steph fans as he is one of the most popular players in this game due to his breakthrough shooting prowess. His jump shot is the fastest and most accurate in the game, so if you can catch his shooting technique, you’ll be unstoppable in matches.

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